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Bug spray

Are any of you ladies using bug spray? If so, are you going natural/organic or good old fashioned DEET under 30%? I'm overly concerned about Zika. Oh feeling crazy with constant motherly paranoia...

Re: Bug spray

  • My pedi has recommend Avon skin so soft bug guard plus. I haven't felt the need to use it yet, but I always keep it handy. There's always something to be paranoid about! 
  • We use honest bug spray and it seems to work so far!
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  • Ped said avoid DEET and go with something natural. I bought this one at our local grocery that is similar to Whole Foods. Worked on baby, but not on me. I am the mother ship when it comes to bugs, though. https://greenerways.com/
  • Ugh! All the conflicting information makes me crazy - what's a mom to do? Anyway, our ped said fine to use DEET and sent several links to articles stating this. I still wasn't comfortable so I picked up burts bees and it works ok. A little oily, but we didn't get eaten alive. 
  • Our pediatrician said anything with less than 30% deet is fine, so that's what we've been using and it's worked really well! Tried a baby version with no deet and the mosquitoes ate my little guy up
  • When we went camping I mainly sprayed myself with the deet free (I put the deet spray on my shoes and hat). Then I held DD most of the time, figuring she got the protection from me. We have the Babyganics bug spray but I have never sprayed it on her directly. When we sit out on our patio we have a Thermacell lantern and several citronella candles burning and I spray the back of her high chair with the bug spray. No bites yet. On walks/camping we also have a stroller bug net which probably looks ridiculous but it works! I'm crazy about tick checks for me, DD and DH after time outside too.
  • Around our yard I use this badger balm bug ointment. It smells really strong and you have to cover him in it to work but it seems to be ok. If we are going somewhere where there will be more mosquitoes or ticks I just use the lower concentration deet and he gets a bath right away when we get home. I'm not messing with the risk of Lyme disease or west nile. And now zika? Ugh.
  • I've always used California baby bug spray on the kids and myself but you have to keep misting them every 45 min to an hour or so just like sunscreen at the beach for it to be effective. No deet in that. We avoid being outside around dusk at all cost. My dd# is highly allergic to mosquitos she gets half dollar sized bits that last for weeks! Only one this summer so far!
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