Late Term and Child Loss

14 Week Loss (super long...*sorry*)

First and foremost, for all the families that have experienced a loss, I am deeply sorry.

Prior to this loss we had 2 others that happened super early

I wanted to share my experience of a D&E if anyone was curious or had any questions about it, as I had a ton.
First my story:
I was experiencing some sharp cramping on my right side that hurt so bad. I called the on call Dr and he advised me to take some gas x, see if it helps and if not go to the ER. Well the gas x seemed to help. I did toss and turn all night with that same stabbing pain so I went into the dr. They found I have a bladder infection. The Dr was trying to check baby with doppler, no heart beat. She said my uterus was tilted so that could have been the culprit as to why we couldn't find it on the doppler. Went to get an ultrasound immediately heart beat. We lost our baby 14 weeks 1 day. Baby was measuring right on target so we must have lost her that morning or late the night before. We found out baby was another girl. Making us having 3 girls. We have 2 healthy beautiful girls already. We decided to name our little angel baby Gracie Lynn. 

The day Before the procedure, the dr inserted 2 seaweed sticks into my cervix to slowly dialate the cervix. That probably was the worse for me pain wise. Super crampy. Motrin, Motrin and more Motrin. Today was the procedure, besides all the waiting it went fairly smooth. The procedure took about 35 minutes. I was out with a general anesthesia out through an IV. After I came out i was crakoing quite a bit. 2 IV pain meds and a Percocet did the trick. I have been home for quite some time and still a little drowsy and dizzy but hardly any cramping or bleeding. This was my first time to ever something like this so I can't compare. I'm more emotionally just then physically. It's hard to not think of what you could have done different, but from what everyone and the dr is telling's nothing I did or could have stopped. We decided to cremate and have her ashes with us with an urn and her name and birthday on it. 

Bottom line this has been THE hardest thing my husband and I have faced as a family. We lost our baby girl, we have another baby girl that has grown her angel wings. My advice is to keep pushing on, cry, grieve and do what you feel you want or need to do. This all happened the past 2 says so we have a long road of healing, but I count my blessings and thank God and appreciate my two healthy beautiful girls (ages 3 and 4) we have and continuing to raise, love and hold for the rest of our lives and for that we are thankful for.

Re: 14 Week Loss (super long...*sorry*)

  • I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I know how hard these past 2 days must have been for you. I lost my son at 18 weeks and we had him cremated as well. It helped in the healing process and continues to bring some comfort having his ashes at home with us. Praying for physical and emotional healing for you <3

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                               vaginal delivery + evac d&c for placenta 
    BFP #3: 4/6/17
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