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Nursing Strike

Hi everyone! I'm looking for some advice. My 6 month old seems to be on a nursing strike. This has been going on for about a week. She has never been a fan of bottles and she is refusing to nurse. She will nurse first thing in the morning and then will latch and relatch while screaming at me for the rest of the day. I do offer her water from a sippy cup so she's not dehydrated and she will drink that. I also pump so I'm not losing my supply. No matter what I do she just refuses. I'm completely at a loss and getting very frustrated. Ladies who have been through this with their LO's, is there anything I can do to help her get over this? Thank you for any help!

Re: Nursing Strike

  • Do you offer pumped milk or formula at mealtimes when she doesn't eat? After a while, she may be too hungry and upset to nurse - and I'm sure your frustration compounds that. (That sounded accusatory, and I just mean that your emotions probably feed off of each other.) 

    My little guy went on a strike for about 2 days after I yelled when he bit me. He would eat well first thing in the morning, and during the day would sometimes would eat on one side but not both. I started waking him up from naps a little early to try to feed him while he was still very sleepy. I think that's the main thing that helped get us over the hump. 

    I didn't have any pumped milk at the time, so when he flat out refused both sides, I did a full bottle of formula just to make sure he got a good meal. It seemed like the longer I tried to get him to nurse (in one sitting) the worse it got. 

    I would say if it goes on much longer, you might get some good advice from your Ped. Good luck!
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    @emilyalso I have offered her pumped milk in a bottle, sippy cup, and syringe. She just doesn't want anything to do with it. The only time I can get her to eat is by tricking her while she's falling asleep for a nap by switching out her pacifier for the breast. She's still putting out the right amount of diapers. I may have to try waking her up from a nap early for a dream feed. That is a great idea. Thank you so much!
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