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Five month old constantly waking

My 5 month old has recently started not sleeping during the night. At 12 weeks she was sleeping from 8pm-4am. The last 6 weeks she has been waking again at 11pm, 2.30Am, 4.45am, 6.30am. I breastfeed on demand and usually when she wakes in the middle of the night I feed her for approx 5 mins and she will go back asleep. The last two nights however she is waking every 40-45 mins from as soon as she goes down. She wakes up screaming as if she is in pain and i sometimes can soothe Cher back to sleep rather than feed her. Anyone else experienced this? Any suggestions on how to deal with this or do I just have to ride it out?

Re: Five month old constantly waking

  • No real advice here, but maybe read up on the 4 month wakeful period. A lot of times around 4-5 months babies start waking up more again.
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  • My son was doing the same thing and since he was just nursing for comfort not hunger, I started just giving him his pacifier. I think once he realized he wasn't getting fed, he gave up and has started putting himself back to sleep for the most part.

  • My LO (5.5 months old) also wakes up a lot. 2-3x is normal for him, and on bad nights it's more. On good nights he'll wake just 1x, so there's my silver lining! Anyway, I have started waiting 5-10 min before going to him because he's sometimes able to just put himself back to sleep. When he doesn't stop crying, I feed him and he usually really does eat, so I assume he's just honestly hungry. Not sure if this will help you, but I hope so. You could try something similar with your LO, if you aren't already. Good luck.
  • She doesn't need to be fed that often at night. My pediatrician recommended putting her in her own room and giving her 5 minutes to put herself back to sleep before going in. It's worked for us!
  • My LO was just starting to go longer stretches (4-5 hrs) when she hit the 4 month regression.  We've struggled ever since with her getting up every 2-4 hrs.  At almost 6 months, she might wake up because of gas, hunger, or just to play.  We are trying sleep training, but she cries and tries to sit up which causes her to spit up.  I miss sleeping
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