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Intro Post (loss mentioned)

Hi, everyone! My name is Jesse and I'm 35 years old. I'm currently hanging out on the bench. In June, I found out I was pregnant (surprise!). My fiancé and I had a shotgun wedding a few weeks later (we were already engaged when we found out). The night of our wedding, I miscarried. It was incredibly disappointing and made me realize just how badly I wanted a baby. 
That brings us to now. I have a doctor's appointment on Thursday to discuss some issues I've had since the miscarriage. I'm hoping she'll tell me everything is normal and we can get started. 
I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you through this. 

Re: Intro Post (loss mentioned)

  • Welcome and so sorry for your loss.  Congrats on your marriage! Hopefully you will get the green light soon! 
    Me: 41
    Husband: 40
    TTC#1 since 9/2014
    Unexplained Infertility - Trying naturally
  • Welcome @tinytatertot!  I am so sorry for your loss.  Good luck with your appt and congratulations on your marriage :smile:
    Me: 38 DH:39
    TTC #2 - August 2016
    IUI #1-3 BFN 

    Heart Mom - DS 3/15/13
    BFP 4/21/18 MMC 6/11/18
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  • I'm sorry for your loss. I hope you get some answers from your doc and can move forward with TTC! Welcome!
    Me: late 30s | H: early 30s
    TTC #1 since April 2015
    RE Dx: Fibroids, surgery Jan 2016
    IUI #1 and #2, Nov/Dec 2016, BFN
    IVF March 2017: ER - 5R/3M/3F, 1 PGS normal
    Polyp removed May 2017
    FET May 2017 - BFP!
    Baby boy born 2/2/18

  • @tinytatertot I'm so sorry for what you've been through.  It sucks that you're in this boat, but we're happy to see you.  Welcome!!
    Me: 45 OH: 42
    Beloved SS: born 12/2011
    TTC my bio #1/our #2 since January 2016
    **TW** June 2016 had CP **end TW**
    August 2016 - dx with DOR
    Somewhere in here received recommendation to do IVF with donor eggs, elected not to; OH dx with Low T
    May 2017 - began freezing sperm
    June 2017 - OH began treatment for Low T
    July 2017 - began doing 1 IUI via a midwife and 1 at home insemination each cycle
    July 2018 - exhausted frozen sperm, officially NTNP since OH is probably shooting blanks

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