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Dairy Allergy

My son has had a severe dairy/soy allergy since birth. It causes him to have significant amounts of blood in his stools, along with constipation and stomach irritation. As of now he is on the toddler version of Electra Jr. He loves it and has no problem drinking it from a bottle. But we have been trying to introduce it in a straw bottle. Which he loves to drink water out of, and has no problem using. But when we fill it with milk, he only drinks and ounce or two. Compared to 6+ ounces from a bottle. The only reason this is a concern to me is because of his dairy allergy. He needs those nutrients that he's not getting from the foods he eats like other babies can. Anyone have any ideas on what to do? As of right now he gets 3, 7oz bottles a day. And he's getting too big for me to hold and feed a bottle!

Aslo if anyone has any recipes for non dairy baby meals that would be great too! We are having trouble finding these things as well! And all the pre-made gerber graduate meals contain milk and soy. :-( Bummer!

Re: Dairy Allergy

  • Try smoothies with dark leafy greens, also sardines and salmon have a ton of calcium. You'll get more nutrients from the sardines if you let him eat the little soft bones. Sardines are also good as they are smaller/younger so they don't store as much ocean toxicity. 
  • ^^ We do lots of smoothies too, adding things like greens, tofu and avocado. And mix in nut butters and hemp protein with his oatmeal in the morning. After LO is done with his smoothie, we offer a non-dairy milk like coconut, soy or almond. We don't really do baby meals anymore... dinner is usually what we're having. (or a PB sandwich if he's just not having it).
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  • My lo is now terrified of the blender...no smoothies on the menu lately. Insert eye roll
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