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Ouch during diaper changes...

My older child keeps saying ouch everytime I take off her diaper. I feel bad but i cant figure out whats hurting her. Shes 25 months. Theres no visible rash and shes grabbing the top of her butt cheeks/tailbone area. Diaper is not tight at all and haven't  changed brandd of anything recently. And it's only when taking off the diaper. Otherwise she has no pains there. Hmmm?

Re: Ouch during diaper changes...

  • My older son went through a phase of saying "ouch" even when nothing hurt him. He still sometimes does it to get a response from me. I e asked if he's hurt, what hurts and he says no so I ask if he's teasing. I think he likes that I ask if he's ok, if I can do anything to make it better, give him hugs and kisses etc. Is it possible that she's looking for some attention while she has you one-on-one?
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  • Maybe it has something to do with laying down on her back? Maybe a chiropractic adjustment could make sure it's nothing out of alignment?
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