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Where do you get your Trigger Shots from??

So had my first IUI appointment today. Everything looks fine and we are ready to start. There is only one little hiccup. I got a script for the trigger shot, they told me I could buy it at the office for $100 (Ouch!!!! Don't have that kind of money right now) or take it somewhere to be filled so that I could use insurance. 

The problem is no one carries it! I only found one place with one option that will cost $80 with insurance! So I was wondering if there is an online pharmacy that might have more options and price ranges?? 

Re: Where do you get your Trigger Shots from??

  • Our RE uses Village Pharmacy. 
  • Is that online?
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  • Freedom pharmacy is another specialty pharm with art drugs.
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  • My RE uses freedom fertility, but my trigger shots have all cost around $100.
  • Mandellas pharmacy 
  • @ttcnumber2withhypo Ugh I'm sorry! I can't offer any advice so I'll just join you in expressing frustration. Could one of the other local pharmacies order it and would it be cheaper? FWIW my RE office indicated that it would be $85-$100+ without insurance (depending on pharmacy) so maybe your insurance isn't covering very much of that drug for some reason?
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  • I had limited IF coverage but my trigger shot was not covered. I got it from CVS, they had to order it and it was $100. I did Clomid and trigger IUI cycles so even though it was expensive, it was a whole lot cheaper than an injectable meds cycle.
     The second and third refill of my trigger shot cost $75 and $65 respectively. I am assuming it was because I hit my RX deductible by then.
  • I filled out the forms are Village Pharmacy and I am waiting for a call back from them. I also went to my local pharmacy and asked if they would be willing to order it (they said there are two generic ones that cost $22 and $65 with insurance). I am waiting on a call back from the manager to see if he will be willing to order it. 
  • My clinic uses Walgreen's Specialty Pharmacy or Freedom... I personally used Walgreen's Specialty.  I triggered with Leuprolide Acetate and Novarel... Each had a copay of about $50.

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  • I use CVS Caremark and it costs $30 for 2 Ovidrel shots. They also ship overnight which has really helped me when I messed up ordering it once!
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  • I also used CVS Specialty Pharmacy and it was a bit of a hassle getting the paperwork done but my insurance covered it. It was shipped overnight and needed to be signed for.
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  • Well I call Village Pharmacy today because I had a nagging feeling. Good thing I did! I didn'the realize the doctor needs to contact them first, but the gentleman I spoke with said they would call the RE and then call me back with prices. If it is too much I will look into the CVS pharmacy too. Thank you ladies!
  • I use Freedom because that's where my RE sends me, but they're pretty awful and expensive. I couldn't get the preauth for insurance in time the first time around, so I paid $100 out of pocket, which was fine, but the second time around they just didn't bother processing it through my insurance, so I had to pay $100 out of pocket despite having all the authorizations in place and now I'm waiting for a refund that I'm 90% sure isn't coming.
  • I've had a great experience with Freedom Pharmacy.

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  • Anyone have insurance approve all injectables BUT trigger shot? Curious if this is 'normal'... can't figure out the reasoning there. 
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  • Braun Pharmacy is what my RE uses, they are online and offer good deals if your insurance doesn't cover things. I can't remember how much my trigger shots were though. Good luck!

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