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Pregnant/mom Support groups - attend?

Does anyone or attend or has anyone gone to any type of mom or pregnant support type group? 

I found one a couple of days ago and went last night - it's hosted by a doula at a breastfeeding resource center. Each month is a different topic and/or speakers and it is meant for those trying to become pregnant, pregnant or moms (you can even bring your baby). I went last night and it was great! I was the only pregnant one there that had not had a baby yet I felt so welcomed (a girl said last night a lady that was trying to conceive came). The topic was Family History and it's positive/negative impact. You were welcome to just listen or share your birth story of your baby(ies), how your mom had your and/or grandparents gave birth, etc. It was incredible and I never thought to ask my grandma (who passed at beginning of year) and my mom is also passed so I don't know a lot. But it was incredible because several of these women had both hospital and home births and epidurals and natural.

Anyway, I can't wait for next made me less scared just being pregnant first time and all of the unknown

Re: Pregnant/mom Support groups - attend?

  • That sounds like such a great group! I don't think we have that here. There are definitely support groups once you become a mom (especially for breastfeeding support groups), but I don't think there are really any here for while you're pregnant. Sounds like you had an awesome experience!
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