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showing 13 weeks

Should I be showing at 13 weeks 4 days pregnant this is my first pregnancy do not sure what to expect :)


  • First, you posted the same thing twice; you don't need to do that.

    Second, every woman is different, and every pregnancy is different.  In general, first pregnancies show later.  Other factors that might impact how early you show include body type (short-waisted or petite women may show earlier), heaviness (heavier women may show later, or may not look as obviously pregnant), muscle tone (stronger stomach muscles may hold in your bump, especially in your first pregnancy), and of course your choice of clothing and the time of day/bloating/food choices.

    Third, "showing" to you and your partner is very different than showing to the rest of the world.  Most people just aren't paying close attention to your belly, so you may not look obviously pregnant to a stranger for quite some time.

    tl;dr: You might show at 13 weeks, you might not show until 23 weeks.  Everyone is different.
    [Deleted User]
  • Sorry first time useing this app didn't realise I posted twice! 
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