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Cleaning breast pump parts and bottles

I hope this doesn't seem like a dumb question: if you use a sterilizer (i.e. a microwave bag type or an electric sterilizer that works by steaming), do you have to rinse the milk off first? It seems like if you had a little milk at the bottom of the bottle, no matter how long you steam it, it wouldn't come out, right??? But if i have to rinse everything first, then the sterilizer doesn't seem like it would save me much time--i might as well wash with soap if i have to stand there rinsing anyway.

I'm going back to work soon and i'm trying to figure out the most efficient way to manage all the pumping and bottles! I've already decided that while at work, i'm going to put the pump parts in a plastic bag and keep them on ice so i don't have to wash them between pumps...but i'll definitely have to wash them every night when i get home. 

Re: Cleaning breast pump parts and bottles

  • I was my parts in the dishwasher and then just air dry. I only steam sanitize if I have wash. After they're washed I steam them and then let them air dry
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    When at work I keep mine in my Sarah wells pumperoo bag In the fridge at work . After my last session for the day I rinse all with soapy water and steam steralize them in my medela steam bag and put them back in the bag for the next day . At home I wash and put in my tommy tippee bottle steam steralizer in the microwave after use . Personally I haven't had any issues or problems 

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  • Yes you are correct. The steam bag isn't for making washing faster it is for sterilizing after washing. I only used it the first month or so. After that I would just hand wash and air dry. Now as I don't pump as often I put in dishwasher. Having extra sets up supplies is so worth it. 
  • I use this to keep pump bottles in while I am at work. I pump 3 times in 9 hours and I keep milk bottles in an insulated bag with ice packs, but have never kept pump parts refrigerated and all has been fine (3 months so far). When I get home, I wipe out the bag and wash pump parts in hot soapy water. I don't sterilize.

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