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Hello all.  I haven't been to the bump for awhile, but I do know that if I have a question, this is where I have always gotten the best answers.  I am a SAHM and one of my favorite things to do is get ready for vacations.  Busy bags, activities, whatever.  This year, my husband will be taking our daughter to Hilton Head by himself because I am pregnant and too sick to travel.  I wanted to put something together for them as far as pics of the day they could take while on vacation without me.  I was thinking one day could be sand angels, one day holding a hermit crab.  Any suggestions on fun/funny pics they could take?  Thanks everyone!
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    Hello! I wish I saw this a year ago, but I'm only recently new to The Bump (12 wks along). My family has always gone to HHI for vacation, and they have ao much to offer (as you probably know). Where do or did you guys stay? We go to the HHI Beach and Tennis resort and they always have crafts for the kids and things like "biggest splash" contests at the pool. My family also makes one sand art thing a year and we cant repeat what we have made before. Things like sand sharks, a giant sand crab, a Speed Racer car, jelly fish....its all easy stuff but it takes a while and its fun when everyone joins in. We also do a day renting bikes, and there's a nature preserve in there. There's a spot that does weekly fireworks too! My family is headed there at the end of this month, I hope you get a chance to go and enjoy it!
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