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Pregnant or stress...?

Okay so a lot has been going on and I apologize in advance for any TMI.

Our nephew passed away 2 weeks ago today and since then I have been helping my sister in law grieve for the loss of her 20 year old son. Helping my mother and father in law as well and then we have a toddler who is almost a year and a month old. My niece and nephew (brother to the nephew we lost) are also here with their 2 month old baby and so I've been juggling helping then out with the baby, helping my family and gun by get through this tragedy, our son and everyday life as well. Then my uncle who I love no where near so can't help just wait for the e-mail updates on his condition is dying of cancer that is spreading rapidly in his body.

So I'm a little run down and stressed from next to no sleep trying to help keep my sister in law from I'm falling apart and I haven't dealt with the passing of my nephew I have kept it to the back and kept it in so I could focus on everyone else. I've experienced some pregnancy symptoms that coincide with stress and want to wait another week before taking a test to ensure accuracy so asking for input. 

I'm on and off nauseous lately, the other day hubby made breakfast and I made it halfway through before I booked it to the bathroom to throw up. For 3 days earlier this week I had a weird "period" the first day and a half 2 days was brown spotting the last day to day and a half was a bit of brown spotting but some pink spotting as well. I o my noticed when wiping so wasn't much but did go on for 3 days. I'm waiting a week to take a test in case that was implantation bleeding. While I was spottingvi had cramping on my left side as if it was period cramps and in experiencing back pain and some foods the thought of make me nauseous. 

There's so much going on I can't tell if I'm pregnant or just at my breaking point. If anyone has any input or can relate please let me know its gonna be a long week of wondering till I test. 

Oh and last time we lost a family member on hubbys side we found out we were pregnant a week after with our now 1 year old son. 

Re: Pregnant or stress...?

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    First off mama, I am so sorry for the loss of your nephew, and what you are going through  with your uncle. I can't imagine what you are going through. From the symptoms you told, it does sound as implantation from the brown spotting. If you are pregnant, mama that baby will be a beautiful blessing for the family! When my grandmothers died, they dies the same year, three months apart. One year later my brother was born, exactly 3 days later from the date one of my grandmas had passed. God always has a way of comforting us and blessing us during hard times. If you are then thank God for that gift mama and if not mama, then you have a beautiful blessing with your precious baby boy! :wink: Also mama, I know right now you are being strong mama for everyone, but you need to mourn also in your own way. Please mama cry if you need to and let go because from experience the more you accumulate, the pain will build up and one day you will open up and burst. Take some time for you also mama. You are an amazing mama, aunt, daughter and woman over all! God bless you and your family mama! Keep us posted please! I am praying for your family! 
  • @n3na94

    Thank you for those kind words I appreciate it. I am thinking I am too but stress can do weird things to your body. I don't want to get my hopes up and it be stress. But it would be a blessing in such a hard time. 

    I think of it as my family needing me more than I need to morn. I cry here and there but for the most part I've just been there for everyone. I also think it hasn't hit me yet it just can't be true. It probably won't hit me till the funeral and memorial. 

    Thank you again I will let you know how it ball goes when I find out. 
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  • Had a faint line on a teat today but it was there the Dr said it sounds like a positive cause the line doesn't show up at all unless there's hcg in your system but ill wait for the Dr confirmation on the 15th before I get all excited I'm terrified its a trick my body is doing from all the stress.10 days till I see the Dr and I vomited a few times today out of nowhere reminds me a
    lot of last time I was pregnant so hoping! 
  • I had a miscarriage :( I guess it wasn't meant to be just yet...
  • I had a miscarriage :( I guess it wasn't meant to be just yet...
    I'm so sorry mama. You are in my prayers, and I know God's timing is perfect! Please stay positive and hug your baby boy tight and know that he loves you so so much and when the time is right, your second blessing will come! Please us posted and God bless you , your baby boy and family mama! :smile:
  • I had a miscarriage :( I guess it wasn't meant to be just yet...
    Oh no. I am so sorry you are going through this. It is not an easy thing to go through. Please, if you need to talk or vent or anything, please let us know. I have been there and talking about it helped me get through it. You and your family are in my thoughts❤️
  • Thank you ladies I really appreciate it.
    Your kind words mean a lot to me. I'm not much of a religious person but I do believe everything happens for a reason. And I think with all the stress going on it would be awesome to be pregnant but don't want a pregnancy while stressed either.
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