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Last shopping trip before baby.

Just wondering if there are any easy meal recommendations, household items or specific snacks that I should especially stock up on. Include things you did, wish you had done, or went overboard on.
Please and thank you.
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Re: Last shopping trip before baby.

  • Water bottles have been awesome because it's an easy way to make sure I'm drinking plenty of water. 
    Sargento cheese and nut snacker things. They have proper nutrients for a snack, and they're really good!! Same thing with like, cheese sticks, yogurt (not going To lie, I got GoGurts....) hummus and pretzels....

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  • I would stock up on fruit - spring for the prepared, cut up kind if you want easy snacks! I also got some paper plates/bowls/cups to use in the first few weeks, and it was a HUGE relief not to have to load and unload the dishwasher for a while. 

    Congratulations and good luck! 
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  • I second on paper goods. Dishes are just too heavy pp! I wish I would have had more freezer pizzas and anything really easy. And icecream... Popcorn. There is this broad bean snack mix at Costco that has the perfect nutrient balance. Precut some veggies ( you want lots of fiber afterwords so things don't get stuck... If you know what I mean)
    To be honset. I wasn't hungry for at least four weeks pp. I mean I probably was, but I didn't feel hungry and had to keep reminding myself to eat.
  • Lurking now that my son is over 5 months old now. I highly recommend getting anything that you can eat with one hand! I also second cheese sticks and go gurt (easy one handed way to slip in some extra nutrition) and consider getting those individual fruit cups, or fruit that doesn't require and prep other than washing them off, like berries, grapes, cherries, etc.
  • Having a good water bottle because it's crazy but every time you are nursing you're going to feel thirsty thirsty thirsty! probably cuz of all the calories you will be burning. and a good nursing tank like the ones from Bun Maternity , their clothing is pretty awesome because if you're always nursing it's easy to be anywhere and nurse right away without having to get all covered..unless you don't mind which is totally cool too!! The stuff is really cute and stylish.  All those Ziploc bags and containers come in handy for sure for weekly prepping. You may want a Medela pump. It's worth the investment because it's fast, or else you may get a pump that takes a lot more time. Also breastmilk popsicles! Amazing for when baby gets a little older.
  • Cheerios really saved me.  I'm gluten free, so my options are somewhat limited, but with the box of cereal (which I transferred to a ziplock back to not go stale) kept by the bed I could grab it and eat one handed without waking my husband during the early morning feeding.  I second on good nursing tanks (I got mine at Target and wish I bought more - went through 3 in one day due to spit up).  Those velcro swaddlers are awesome as well - LO could get out of a blanket as of day 1.

    Also stock up on netflix or movies - I loaded up on books in my Kindle but breastfeeding took all my hands so tv was really the only option during marathon nursing.
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