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9 week old always hitting himself in nose....

Poor little guy seems to be irritated. He is always trying to rub his nose/eyes/forehead. I feel so bad because he has no coordination to itch whatever is bugging him. He was sick at 5 weeks with rsv and bronchiolitis so im praying hes not coming down with something again. Anyone elses young one have allergies or colds? Or just have these weird twitches and rubbing behavior? 
Thanks mamas

Re: 9 week old always hitting himself in nose....

  • LO tends to rub at his eyes whenever he's sleepy. I tend to put him down for bed if he gets vigorous with it and he falls asleep after a few minutes.

    For the nose, can you check to see if he has congestion? Perhaps you can help get any mucus out. If not that and it seems to be bugging him, your best bet is to check with the doc.
  • We're going to the dr at 1:45 today. No mucous at all but sounds a bit raspy. Always trying to clear his throat too. Ive done saline or breast milk up the nose and tried to bulb it out and got literally nothing out. Id assume if it were a milk or animal allergen that it would never have gone away aftet last time he was sick.
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