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Running anyone?

Hi All, I was wondering if anyone here runs. I used to be an avid runner for years, marathons, half marathons etc. until I had a miscarriage in January. I had a tiny SCH that the doctor forgot to tell me about after my 7 week and she thinks the baby ultimately came unattached. I always felt it was because of my really long runs. (8-10 miles) Has anyone been told by their doctor it's bad early on? I've been keeping it to 3 miles max, once or twice a week. I'm thinking of stopping completely until my 7 week just in case. 

Re: Running anyone?

  • Definitely do what you are comfortable with. I have always been told that it was safe to continue any exercise you did prepregnancy during the first trimester. I run (only 5 and 10ks) and I have run 2 5ks and a 10k this pregnancy. I have decided not to run any more races this pregnancy as I am now almost to the second trimester but I will continue running a couple miles a few days a week as long as it feels comfortable!
     I had a sch with DS and was on pelvic rest, modified activity, lifting restrictions, and he was considered a threatened mc until 20 weeks. So definitely do not feel bad wanting to take it easy until your first u/s. It is what I would do! Good luck!

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  • Thanks!! Sounds like my plan!
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  • I run regularly, but also stopped once I got my BFP even though I know it can be completely 100% fine and ran until 18-20 weeks with both of my sons (2 out of my 6 pregnancies so far have ended in babies, so I find myself on edge about every little decision!)


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  • I'm benched from running (and all exercise) due to spotting and I miss it so much! My OB previously said that you can continue activity as prior to pregnancy as long as you don't feel faint, short of breath, etc. Until the spotting, I was keeping up with my Tabatta and "boot camp" workouts pretty regularly. I feel like such a lazy person now. It's not really scientific, but the OB says if he were me, he wouldn't do any activity that "isn't necessary" if spotting is occuring, meaning sex and working out, until 12 weeks. :s
  • Just had my first Appt. dr said running shouldn't matter at all but I'm going to wait until Next Friday after my 7 weeks u/s. If all looks healthy I'll resume running multiple times a week. 
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