Sciatica — The Bump
February 2017 Moms


anyone else suffer from sciatica? Idk if it's the hormones or what but I've had a terrible flair up and don't know what to do other than stretch as much as possible. I guess I'll have to book an appointment with my chiro but I'm looking for some relief before then.

Re: Sciatica

  • Have you tried doing piriformis stretches? I had to see a chiropractor during my last pregnancy, I could barely walk.

  •  I've found sleeping with an overstuffed pillow between my legs plus sleeping on the non-pained side (I get it in my right side, so I sleep on my left) gets my day started great. Once the pain sets in, I'm finding relief in stretching, icing, and sitting on a tennis ball and rolling it around...Also just laying down with the pillow for ten minutes or so.  

  • Oh my gosh, yes!! When it flares up it is so painful. 
  • I had a flair up this past week and it was awful! I tried stretching, pillows and Tylenol. I need to make an appointment with the Chiro 

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