Third-Party Reproduction

Is this appropriate?

After a long attempt at adoption, my cousin has come forward and offered to surrogate for us. We met up for dinner, had a long heart to heart and have decided to go forward. Wow! What an amazing, selfless thing to do. We are just beginning our journey of adopting embryos and finding a surrogacy lawyer, but I wanted to thank her. So I wrote her a letter to say that no matter what happens my husband and I are so profoundly thankful that she and her husband would offer to take this on for us. We are so appreciative for the hope that they have given us. She has offered us a chance to experience a million little moments that we had come to terms with when we filed for adoption. (ultrasound photos, an idea of a due date, gender, etc.) I also wanted to enclose a Giving Key Necklace ( I thought maybe of giving her a necklace that says hope, or strength, or thankful.

Is this appropriate? I would never want her to feel uncomfortable. I haven't sent the letter yet. If so, what word do you think I should put on the necklace? 
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