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Carpal Tunnel

Is anyone else having issues with carpal tunnel already? I crochet, and have been dealing with my hands falling asleep easily when I sleep, but lately they are falling asleep at all times of day. It's so obnoxious! I typically use essential oils, lemongrass is my favorite, but I've read that oil is one to avoid during pregnancy. 

Any ideas beside wearing a splint are welcome! 

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Re: Carpal Tunnel

  • I wish. I had ct that didn't go away for weeeeeeeks pp. I'll be following for ideas.
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  • I don't officially have it, but my wrists are hurting a lot. I also stopped taking my fish oils which generally help with inflammation. I just quit all pills and capsules because of how easy it is to get sick afterwards. 
    I also use essential oils and yeah, I'm not sure about lemongrass :( I wonder if peppermint would help? Tell me if you find relief!!!
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  • So last night I put lavender oil on my wrists and they didn't wake me up at all! So excited! Hopefully it continues to work. 

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