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Complete 360 change...

hello mamas i seriously need to vent. My baby boy turned one this month and omg all went down hill. He use to fall asleep right away and easily. Now it takes me forever to put him down for a nap (i know when hes tired) it takes me forever to put him down for bed as well. He cries and cries i have to try so many times. Im a SAHM so he sees me more than anyone. My husband has tried to help when hes home but baby wont have it. He will throw a tantrum if his dad tries to put him down for nap or bed. He just wants me all the TIME. We just transitioned him to regular milk as well but omg putting him to sleep is a reall struggle. Mind you he doesnt sleep all night either he wakes up twice. I need help because im starting to lose my mind and patience. 

Re: Complete 360 change...

  • I don't have any tips but I just want to let you know you are not alone! My son has been doing the same this past week. It takes a good 45 minutes to an hour to fall asleep for his naps. Some days he doesn't take his afternoon nap at all and bedtime has been an hour later than normal. He is cutting his molars but they do not seem to be bothering him. He is clearly tired so I know he isn't trying to drop a nap or move his sleep schedule at all. I'm thinking it's just a phase. My friends 1 year old is doing the same thing as well. Hopefully we all get some relief soon!
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    This is definitely part of the leap!!! Don't worry mama this will pass just take in all the kisses and cuddles and hugs that you can get, I keep hearing they get so independent in a couple of months. My son use to take 2-3 naps and now depending where we are he takes 1-2 naps sometimes once in a while he will take 3. Also remember during this leap they also grow through a growth spurt, so they will perhaps wake up a couple times to eat. Be patient mama, remember our babies don't really know what's going on, like I said, this will pass. You're doing great mama! :smile:
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