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IVF activity restriction question

Hi all!  

I hope you're enjoying your Friday.  When looking at my IVF packet it says the following: "you will be on modified bed rest for 6 hours following embryo transfer. You will also have restrictions of no lifting greater than 10 pounds, no sexual intercourse, and no high impact aerobic activity for several weeks."

I coach competitive gymnastics a few days a week which requires hands-on spotting.  My employer knows I will be doing IVF in September and is willing to work with me but I'd like to provide her with some information about what to expect.  What were your restrictions?  When did your restrictions start?  Any information would be greatly appreciated.  I know we're all different and respond differently but I'd just like to hear some stories for comparison.  

Thanks in advance!

Re: IVF activity restriction question

  • Hi, I was on 48hr bed rest and the next 5 days take it easy. No lifting over 10lb, no long walks, no shopping at the mall or food shopping. Pretty much plan on taking it easy for two weeks if you're doing a fresh transfer. 
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  • I have also always been told 'moderate' activity. I just refrained from all exercises thereafter. So it is pretty much taking it easy. I always find it difficult as I jog to clear my mind and during the TWW I can't jog. Probably be best just to ask your doctor how limited you will be. 
  • my instructions were just "take it easy" and no swimming but i felt like crap for about 5 days following no matter what the instructions were i would no way feel like doing anything.  i think even the though of doing anything near gymnastics would hurt, not to mention how you will feel near the end of stims, plus there is the risk of torsion when you are that stimulated i would be careful and fully honest with RE and your work. 
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  • Yes, torsion can be a concern after a fresh cycle. 

    Generally, I take it easy the following few days after my frozen transfers. Our office recommends doing nothing strenuous during the TWW (even forbidding vacuuming), just in case. I just can't adhere to those restrictions; I'm too active and I have farm chores to do. *tw* for my first FET, I got period cramps, lost my shit bc I thought I was getting my period, and went to my hockey practice to make myself feel better. 4 days later I had a positive beta. My next FET, I goofed and jumped on my horse (bad torso/pelvis twisting, oops) the same day. Still went for an easy ride though. During that TWW, I was constantly lifting and carrying my 20 lb son. I did get pregnant, but it was a chemical, attributed to a bad embryo. 

    So the long and short of it is to do what you think is best. You know your body. If you were to be dumb like me and play hockey/horseback ride, would you regret it if the transfer wasn't successful? If the answer is yes, then it may be best to park your butt on the couch and get someone else to help with your coaching. Good excuse for a Netflix marathon. 
  • I am told 48 hours modified bed rest, then no more than 30 minutes of walking as exercise daily until beta.
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  • My job requires lifting and moving of patients (full grown adults on my unit) and I was told to take the 2 weeks off between transfer and beta if my job wouldn't make exceptions me (and they didn't).  I was told same as you, no 10lbs or more lifting or strenuous activity.  So if your job will work with you you may be ok, but if you have to do more than that, it's your call if you want to chance anything.
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  • I was told to resume normal activities immediately following my transfer, with the exception of vigorous exercise and swimming. They listed house chores, shopping, and brisk walking as okay. I think @FatPony said it perfectly: if being active is going to make you stress, worry and/or blame yourself, then put your mind at ease and couch it! Personally, after 48 hours, I don't think spotting a gymnast is going to hurt...but again, do what you feel comfortable with! GL!
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  • Hi,

    I am always so surprised at how different the restrictions are from different facilities.  I am currently PUPO and 5dp5dt in my first IVF cycle.  I'm also currently stressing about whether or not I'm doing too much, activity-wise.  I was advised against bedrest because it's not a normal position and blood flow may be compromised.  I'm to avoid overly strenuous or high impact activities, but low impact exercise is fine if I'm already conditioned to it.  Intercourse is permitted if we want to and it's not uncomfortable (we've not).

    The decrease in exercise has been tough for me, as it really helps my mental well-being and stress level.  I've just been doing yoga, walking, or Pilates.  I did not lie still after my transfer.  My RE said it was up to me if I wanted to lay for a while or get up.  She said research hasn't proven that one is more effective than the other.  I did some yoga later in the day after my transfer.  My RE said it would be fine.  My outlook this cycle has been to just keep living my life... If it doesn't work out this time, I can try being more restful and doing less next time.  I would say to do what you think is right and what you are comfortable with.  I was told if you have to think twice about an activity, you should probably avoid it and any anxiety it may cause.  Too bad my anxiety doesn't usually come up until after I've already done the activity!  :tongue:

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