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Let's Get This Party Started

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Hello lovely ladies!!! Congrats to everyone on their BFP! So when is your first appointment? I found out on the 16th I was pregnant, then called my OB to make my appointment and they scheduled it for the 17th. Longest. Wait. Ever. 

For funsies, post a meme along with your appointment date! 

ETA: August 17th.... Important detail. Hahah

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Re: Let's Get This Party Started

  • schef070911schef070911 member
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    I got my BFP on 7/21 and my first appointment isn't until 8/25.  Could have done it about a week earlier but DH's school schedule is crazy, so I'm fairly sure I'm going to feel like this for the next month: 

    Edit: I guess this is a GIF and not a meme. Too early to blame preggo brain?
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  • I got my BFP on 7/26, and my first appointment isn't until August 31st. DH's schedule wouldn't allow for it to be on the 25th, which was the earliest my Dr. office would let us in. It's okay though. I'm patient.  :#

    This pretty much sums up how I feel right now. Not looking forward to the MS kicking in.  :|
    BFP 9/13/2020 with Baby #3 <3  
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  • I've gone in for my betas already. Since they came back where they wanted them, I'm scheduled for my first appointment and my U/S during my 8th week. Still have to pick a specific date but by the 24th.

    My current predicament at work...

    Me: 23 | DH: 27
    Married: 10.11.15
    MC #1: June 2014
    MC #2: December 2015
    APS Diagnosis: February 2016
    BFP 7/24, EDD 4/5/17
    Previously nweg...7878
  • ladameperdueladameperdue member
    edited July 2016
    Next Thursday at 6 weeks. I was cramping and spotting at first, so they said to come in earlier than 8 weeks. Thankfully the concerning symptoms stopped, but I haven't changed the appt. :smile:
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  • clickclackmooclickclackmoo member
    edited July 2016
    I haven't made an appointment yet.  :s. I'm switching OBs and still undecided.

    This is me all day today. Ugh, never mind. Meme fail. I call pregnancy brain too.
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  • I got my BFP on 7/25 at 10dpo and my first official appointment is 8/25. I went for blood work yesterday to confirm the pregnancy but I won't see the dr until 8 weeks.

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  • scorpiomerscorpiomer member
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    @yaeger07 ...omg yes!!!  I can't wait for Nov!!
    Married: 9/19/09
    DS 1: 10/17/10
    DS 2: 6/30/13
    MMC found 4/2/16   D&C 4/4/16 & 4/10/16
     Cautiously expecting.....EDD 4/1/17
  • I'm seeing my fabulous midwife at the end of August, but I've never really been out of contact with her. I've already texted some questions. I can't wait! 
  • GG620GG620 member
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    I got my BFP on 7/17 and my first appointment is 8/22. COME ON TIME! (Though I know I won't say that again for the next 50 years haha). 

    This is my first pregnancy so quick question. My OB said they do an 8 week appt. and a 10 week appt (they scheduled both) - what is the deal with this? What will happen at each? Thank you!! :smile:

    Mobile bumping so I'll add a meme soon

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    Me: 28  Him: 30

    Married: 11/15/14

    TTC: 02/2016

    IF DX: MFI (low count & morphology) & mild PCOS

    June 2016 BFP - MC @8w2d

    August 2016 BFP - MC @6w1d

    June 2017 - 50 mg Clomid + Ovidrel + IUI = BFP 7/6/17!!

    Beta #1 = 422 (14dpo), Beta #2 = 810, prog - 12.3 (16dpo), Beta #3 = 5023, prog - 18.9 (20dpo)


  • No appt booked yet! Just had blood work to confirm on Monday but my doctor is on vacation til Tuesday so I'm sure I'll get a call when they get my results and he's back in the office.  I'm honestly not in any rush. Too early to hear the heart beat and I'm enjoying not going in and waiting forever so I can pee in a cup and be weighed and be sent on my way. Lol. 

    Also mobile bumping. No meme. I apologize.
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  • No appointment yet but I will probably call and make an appointment on Monday. I'm guessing end of August to early September.

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  • natgerbernatgerber member
    edited July 2016
    Hi everyone!  I am scheduled to see my doctor on 8/15 (which happens to be my birthday)

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  • My appt is 8/23 at 8 weeks and 2 days. Longest wait evaaaaa. They were trying to make it for the week before but I'm on vacation. This is the one time I really wish I wasn't on vacay! 
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  • just got my BFP this past Friday, 7/29 so haven't been able to call and make the appointment. I'm high risk and need to be on blood thinners so I assume it'll be earlier than last time when it was the longest month wait of my life.

    kristine!  B)

    me: 33, Factor V Leiden, MTHFR + hubs: 37
    BFP #1: 9/25/14 -- EDD: 6/4/15
    Jesse, our baby boy: 2/25/15 @ 25.6 weeks, 2lbs 2oz & 13.5 inches. spent 66 days in the NICU. <3
    BFP #2: 7/29/16 -- EDD: 3/30/17

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    baby #2 on the way. :)
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  • The office isn't letting me schedule an appt online; I'm assuming because it's closed and there's faulty programming on their scheduling widget.  Hoping to make an appointment tomorrow.
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    Me: 28 & Partner: 32 | Married 2014
    BFP 7/29 EDD 4/11
  • WkoutMomtoBeWkoutMomtoBe member
    edited August 2016
    Got my BFP on 7/24 and had first appt on 7/29 with midwife for bloodwork (I was 4 wks/1 day)

    I'm a FTM to be and normally they said it'd be 8-12 weeks but I/my primary dr want the progesterone checked. I have charted for 8 months and I/my dr noticed short luteal phase which he said can indicate low progesterone (which he said that means i cant carry to term...I would miscarry).

    I also am aware of antibody I carry that makes my high risk (met with maternal fetal last December...will start seeing him at 16 weeks to watch for heartblock which can cause a pacemaker to be needed ). Plus bc of mom and sister's health issues they're drawing some other things....I had 7 vials of blood drawn! I go back today for comparison for progesterone and HCG. I have my COP (confirmation of pregnancy) appt and ultra sound on Fri 8/12...that's all education, etc and hubby will go to that one. THOUGH I'll be just 6 weeks, 1 day so isn't that super early for ultra sound...isn't it just at 6 weeks you can hear/see heartbeat? I'm surprised they're doing it so early

    I felt silly calling now but midwife said she was glad I cam in early.

    I'm not too worried because my mom had 5 healthy kids (including twins) & sister had 2 healthy kids. And they both smoked, drank soda, coffee, etc (seriously our moms back in day had little restrictions). I'm not condoning that but I live a healthy lifestyle so I feel good though my hubby and I are very anxious until we get bloodwork results, ultrasound and make sure it is viable.
  • Got my bfp on 7/25 and just called to schedule my first appointment today which won't be until the 29th...aka forever! haha!
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  • I'm jealous of all you ladies with early appointments. My midwives don't see you until week 10-12, so my first appt is Sept. 13  :'(
    Me: 31 DH: 34
    DD1 born 3.2014
    DD2 born 4.2017
  • @WkoutMomtoBe I think it's great you're being proactive about progesterone testing! I've had 2 chemical pregnancies and have had progesterone worries in the past. I bet everything will turn out to be fine for you :)
  • I got my BFP on July 25th. Called the Doc's office that day to ask a couple of questions. (Very paranoid first time mom here). They set my first appointment for August 15th. I will be be 7 weeks. I'm due April 1st. Very nervous as we had a chemical pregnancy last month and have already spilled the beans to our families. This picture is basically my life right now. 

    In addition to those feels, I'm also feeling extra sassy. For example. I got mad at my husband the other night because I was THINKING to myself about going to lay in bed but he beat me to it to watch 60 minutes. I did not tell him I wanted to lay in bed. I didn't make any effort to go. I just thought about it and got mad when he went instead.
  • @louyankey I get mad at DH for cutting my me time in bed short all of the time. I have never said anything to him and he has always wondered why I shoot daggers at him whenever he comes into our bedroom.

    I called yesterday and left a message with my OB to make an appointment. The doctor that delivered DS is no longer practicing here in town, and there's only two baby doctors now anyway, so I figure it will be some time before I get an appointment. I did get a call back today asking some prelim questions but now I just have to wait a few days for the intake nurse to call me back. Apparently, there has been a boom of patients requiring OB services,so I'm thinking if I don't get in for the a dating US at 8 weeks, I will probably be seen at 12 weeks, as long as nothing goes wrong.
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  • Called our birth center yesterday and got an appt for Monday. I'll be 6w1d so I have no idea what to expect. My first appts for my last two were around 10 weeks!

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  • Had my confirmation appointment today!  Guess what... I'm pregnant.

    They drew a bunch of blood and I should hopefully get the results via the webportal tomorrow?  The results include what the heck they were even drawing blood for because they didn't actually tell me.  I think it was for genetic testing and possibly betas, and they also had me do an early glucose screen as there is diabetes in my fam.

    I'm also pretty stoked to have the option between doctors and midwives (CNM) at my clinic.  We'll see how the glucose test comes back for whether I'm officially high-risk.
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    Me: 28 & Partner: 32 | Married 2014
    BFP 7/29 EDD 4/11
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