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9 month stats!

Hoping this board will be more active! Tell us about your 9 month old! Weight? Length? # of teeth? Is LO crawling, walking, etc. Anything else you would like to share!

Re: 9 month stats!

  • LO was 22lb 6oz and 29.25 inches long at his appointment. He has 8 teeth and 2 more are starting to break through. He can sit by himself but not crawling. He can stand against something for a few seconds before falling. Hoping he will snap out of this crabby phase soon! He just seems so miserable lately and nothing help! How are your LOs doing?
  • 22 lb 1 oz!  Don't remember length, but she's in the 90th percentile.  Yuuuuge baby.  Just one tooth so far which she cut while we were on vacation last week.  She's not crawling forward yet, but she can scoot herself backwards (to her dismay) all the way across the room.  Her latest thing is being WIDE awake around 2 am, little party animal.  Started with a sippy cup but she just mostly plays with it.  Best thing of all - she's added "mama" to her vocabulary of "dadada" and "bababa".  
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    Luke was 20 lbs a few weeks ago.  He goes for his 9 month check up on Tuesday.  He has 2 teeth and I think the top are about to show up with the way he's been acting lately.  He is crawling all over the place and can stand up using anything that doesn't move and he's learned how to sit a bit more gracefully.  He says dada and baba and Bubba and puhpuh (the dogs) but still no momma.  Oh and he doesn't like the word no! Lol
  • Kira's 9 month appointment was on the 11th but she was just under 16 lbs and just over 26 inches (she's a tiny bug). She's got her 2 bottom teeth but I think she's working on a her top ones. I've stopped checking because she chomps if you stick a finger in there! She's been crawling for a while and can tear up a set of stairs in 10 seconds. She's started barely holding on while standing up but she hasn't let the second hand drop yet. She also likes to whisper dada and it's so sweet!
  • My sweet boy was 9 months yesterday and weighed in at 22lbs 13.5oz and is 29.5" long!  He is stupid close to crawling (I must have taken 40 videos of him yesterday because I thought it was going to happen,but didn't! ) And started pulling himself up a few days ago.  He currently has 6 teeth, 3 on the bottom, 3 on the top and the other 2 keep cutting through then sinking and healing. It's been a lot of long nights.  He says mom and dad and is really close to saying Gus (our dog!) He hates sleeping and I'm lucky if I get 2 20 min naps in a day, sleeps terrible at night and is the happiest kid I know
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  • Damien turned 9 months on the 24th. He weighs 16lbs and is 27.25 inches. He's been army crawling for a few months but recently started belly off the floor crawling a few weeks ago. He says mama, dada, and baba all the time. He definitely uses mama and dada appropriately. He pulls himself up and cruises around all furniture but doesn't trust himself to let go at all. He will walk worth your hands or a toy if he's in the mood lol 
  • My guy will be 10 months in a couple days. He's 21.5lbs and army crawls. it's destroying his clothes. He's not really pulling up, but can stand for quite awhile if you stand him up. Hates naps but is an excellent night sleepe
  • LO was 25.lbs 7oz and 31 inches at his 9 month check up last week. He has been walking for about a month now on his own. He has 8 teeth and hates naps! 
  • Lucy is almost 9.5 months, weighs just about 21 lbs and is 29 inches long. She has 4 teeth, sits up, crawls, pulls up on everything, cruises with one hand on furniture and loves to eat all the foods! She says Mama and Dada and is gonna say dog any day. She's a talker - always chitty chatting with her babble. She naps 2 times a day for about 30 mins and sleeps through the night most nights. This age is so fun!
  • My baby girl turned 9 months just a few days ago. She's 17 lbs and 7 ounces and 27 inches long. She's on the smaller side... but so is her momma at 5'2''! She has 2 teeth... and is crawling all over the place. =)
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  • We had our 9 month check up today. 22 lbs, 30 inches tall, two teeth and army crawls. He is starting to attempt to pull up but is pretty content on the floor. He was sleeping through the night, but we've hit a rough spell. Fingers crossed that it's short-lived! 
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    Our little boy was 20lbs 11oz and 30inches long.  He has 2 teeth.  He just started crawling forwards; he was only crawling backwards for a while :).  
  • Catherine turned 9 months on the 25th. She is 15lbs 2oz (my tiny little girl). She is pulling up on everything, cruising, and using her walk behind toy a lot! She can say mama baba and og (dog), but has started with a lot of high pitched noises for weeks. She for sure has favorite toys and loves to feed the dog her food and laugh about it. She is a ham who loves to laugh. Only 2 teeth for now. She also hands me books that's a new and exciting skill!!
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    Ian didn't have his 9mth check up until this week and he's actually 10mths today. He's 20lb 15oz and 28in long. Not bad for being 2.5 weeks early. He caught up. He's got more rolls than a baker lol he's also got 6 teeth.

  • 9 month check up yesterday our little guy is 19 lb 11 oz and 27 inches long. Has 8 teeth, not crawling or pulling up but he's a roly poly who can get where he needs to go that way. He is super vocal but not totally clear what he's saying other than Ma Ma Ma Mum and Ba Ba Bap Pa so we're calling that Mom and Papa(his grandpa)/ He LOVES bathtime and pool time(he's going to be a little fish...doggy paddling already in the pool)
  • 9mths on 10/22. She was 28 1/2 inches and 15#6.9oz. Had a ear infection Friday (8/12) and went to see the dr and was 16# even and 29 1/2 inches. SHe cruises and crawls like a speed demon. Starting to walk alone 4-5steps. Still not a huge fan of food prefers milk and some purees. Loves Cheerios and puffs though !
  • My son was 17 lbs 13 oz and 29 1/5" long at his nine month appointment. He is cruising, crawling, going up stairs, etc. He is unstoppable! He love to eat and we haven't found a food yet that he won't eat. Beginning to plan the first birthday party!
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    Baby girl was 28", 15 lbs. 15 oz. She was cruising, crawling, clapping, and generally being awesome.
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