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Anyone have a hard time with their first period post-loss?

I had a CP and bled for 5 weeks straight. I stopped about 2 weeks ago and just started my first period since the CP. I'm having a way harder time than I thought I would. It's nothing like the CP was...I had a ton of clotting and really heavy bleeding and my periods are pretty light and easy, but it's bothering me in a way I didn't expect it to.  Anyone else feel this way?

Re: Anyone have a hard time with their first period post-loss?

  • I have been really emotional around my period since my loss. I cried more And felt more sensitive. 
  • I was worried by first period after my first loss would be super heavy, and it wasn't.  But my second period after that loss was really heavy (like super plus tampon every hour, need a pad for backup...sorry TMI).  I didn't bleed very much after my d&c, and I think it took until the second period for everything to fully clear. Now, getting my period is more emotional since I had the second loss (CP), which was more bleeding at home and I think my period reminds me of that in ways it doesn't remind me of the first loss.  
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  • Yes I had a very hard time. I find that every period I get is a reminder of what I don't have. I've been struggling with PTSD since my loss and my period is definitely a trigger for me. I have flashbacks and can picture my bathroom floor and me staring past my knees at it. Mind you my bathroom has been completely gutted since the loss and I'm only using the downstairs bathroom. So that floor doesn't even exist in my house. I remember calling to my SO desperately from the bathroom because he was asleep when I woke up with cramps and spotting. I get very dizzy. I cry a ton and some days don't want to leave my house or eat. My suggestion is I find the first two days are the worst so I tried to make plans because otherwise I was a mess. I'm now on seasonique to try and avoid my triggers for a while since it keeps me from getting my period. You aren't alone in finding that this time of the month is one of great emotion.
  • I've now had 4 periods since my loss. The first was weird- longer, more clots and heavier than I've been used too. The second was the same. Third was better. Just got done the 4th and it was brutal. Longer than normal, heavy, and lots more cramping than normal. I had heavy back pain leading up to this last one and it came after a short cycle (24 days). 
    My cycles are all out of whack too. I'm trying to chart to poinpoint my ovulation since it took us 6months the first try and it's now been another 4 cycles since the loss... But it's really hard when my cycles are yoyo-ing like this.
  • My cycles have been all over the place, I've had three periods since the miscarriage. First one was exactly 6 weeks after miscarrying, second was 24 days after that and last one was 32 days after the second one. They've also been really hard emotionally, like @HowlCircus said, they are a reminder of what I loss and I find myself crying a lot, which is part of the reason I'm not trying again for a while. 
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  • I'm really sorry to hear that we're all kind of in the same boat.  Thanks for taking the time to comment. Sending hugs to everyone!
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