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ClearBlue Digital Ovulation vs. ClearBlue Advanced Digital

Okay, so I took one of each of these this morning. I've been testing daily withe just the digital. And I got a positive this morning. So I used the advanced and got a negative. Then I used the digital again, another positive. Needless to say I'm confused. Any insight on which test is better? 

I should mention I'm weaning and haven't had a period since before my daughter was born. I've never had any fertility issues. My daughter was conceived naturally but I was tracking my cycles so I knew when to go for it. 

I'm taking ovulation tests because I'm weaning and I'd like to have one full cycle before I get pregnant again. 

Re: ClearBlue Digital Ovulation vs. ClearBlue Advanced Digital

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    I haven't used the Advanced Digital, just the regular digital one. I avoided the Advanced because it seems like a lot of people had issues with them on the online searches I did before buying them.

    Either way, you can pop the stick out and look to see how dark the test line is compared to the control.

    Edited to add: Also, I think the digital sort of tracks your pattern, so it would notice a difference today if you've been testing every day. While if you just started with the Advanced, it doesn't have any baseline data to go by.
  • Thank you!
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  • Did you use the ClearBlue Advanced Digital (CBAD) earlier in your cycle to set a baseline?

    The first time you use the CBAD it'll give you a low reading regardless of what your actual levels are because on the first use it sets a baseline. The idea behind the CBAD is that instead of requiring a fixed LH level to read positive it personalizes it to you and your hormone profile. So if you set your baseline on a day when your LH is already elevated and it requires a "significant elevation above baseline" to read peak then you likely won't see a peak.

    I'd probably trust the standard digital OPK because of how weird the CBADs can be at times.

    And either way I'd definitely plan sex with the assumption that ovulation will likely be in the next couple of days.
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  • What @NamelessAria said. I use the CBAD and regular CB digital AND Wondfos because I'm BSC. I use the CBAD early in my cycle to get the baseline, then use the regular CB digital after I get a "high" (not "peak") reading on the CBAD (to save the sticks bc those are expensive!), then the Wondfos to test in the afternoon and/or evening as well.

    For a lot of people the CBAD is more trouble than it's worth, so checking CM and using the regular test is usually sufficient. In this past cycle I got a "peak" reading on the CBAD but my CM was dry as a bone (chart in my siggy), so I knew it was likely a non-O LH surge. A few days later the fertile CM showed up and sure enough I got a "high" on the CBAD and a "peak" the next day.
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    Samesies on what the others have said. You need a baseline for the CBAD, so you'll always get a low the first time. 

    THAT all said, I gave up on the CBAD and have just decided to stick to the Wondfos. I would get high on CBAD for 7-9 days and never a peak/solid smiley. Temping and the Wondfos have been just fine for me, and have actually worked better than the more expensive options. Now that I've charted for several cycles, I know better when to start using my OPKs so I'm not wasting tons of them. I've ovulated at CD 17 every cycle since tracking. If only my luteal phase could be as steady... lol

    edited: solid smile, not blinking. That bitch laughed at me for 7-9 days in a row each time lol
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  • I'm in the other camp where I like the advanced, but I just start them early enough to be prepared for several lows even before the blinkie-peak, because I dod have that low fake-out once from starting too late.
  • Update: Okay so I used the CB Digital (not advanced) every day for the last 10 days before I got the positive. So that is probably the one I should pay attention to. I didn't have a base set with the CBAD. However, I got 10 days of negative, 1 morning with 2 positives, this morning it was negative. So, now I'm really confused. Lol.
  • @karam425 Did you use FMU?  CDAD says its only accurate with FMU so you can't use it in the middle of the day. 
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  • @karam425 the positive and then negative on the CBD (not advanced) mean that an LH surge was detected (positive) and now there is no longer a surge detected (negative). OPKs can only detect a surge. They cannot confirm ovulation. Only temping and/or an ultrasound can confirm ovulation.
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    @laurad75 I did! I always use FMU. Well the two positives were FMU and SecondMU. 
  • @beary67 I'm hoping it was actual ovulation, but only time will tell. I'm being impatient. I haven't even had my first PPAF so I guess if I have one in a few weeks we will know I'm starting to cycle again. With no period or ability to track a cycle, I have spent a small fortune on pregnancy tests. 
  • I hated the advanced it would give me the flashing smiley face for seriously 7 days straight.  Honestly, I've found Internet cheapies to be much more accurate
  • The Creighton tracking method is another great way to get in touch with what your body is doing PP, whether you are trying to avoid or conceive.  But you'd need an instructor to show you how to do it.  There is skype training available etc. as well.  I plan to use that PP rather than temping, while I'm waiting for my cycles to come back...  but in the meantime, time will tell.

    If you have fertile cm line up with your positive opk reading and see a temp spike, then winner winner chicken dinner.  If you dont really have fertile cm along with the positive opk, and if you dont see a temp shift (not sure if you are temping tho based on your OP), then you may still have multiple surges PP prior to your actual O.
  • This is all valuable information. Sometimes i feel opk illiterate and
    i haven't seen the solid smiley on the advanced opk either! I, too, feel like
    shes laughing at me!!! I bought the advanced because I feel like have trouble judging the color of the regular ones. Good luck mama!! 
  • I've been using the advanced and had good success other than my first cycle. I typically O on day 14-15 so I start using them on day 8. The last several my temps have lined up with CM and the blinking and solid smileys. Also, starting on day 8, I can usually get two cycles out of a CBAD box. GL!
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