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F'17 Book Club: Let's Get This Going!

Instead of book club talk being in the randoms, I thought I'd make a separate thread.

I'm so excited to start a new book!  Let's get ideas rolling.

Anyone have any good books in mind?  I'm open to reading a book I've already read if the majority have interest in it.

I've just recently downloaded Inferno by Dan Brown but haven't gotten past the first few pages yet.

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Re: F'17 Book Club: Let's Get This Going!

  • What genres are you thinking? 

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  • I just started Stephen King's Mr. Mercedes series. Then I am going to read the new James Pattersoj 
  • My favorite author is Jennifer Weiner. And a lot of her books have questions at the end for book clubs. Also, her books are a quick read, but very entertaining. 

  • I'm open to most genres, except maybe romance?  Again, if the majority are leaning towards a book/genre, I'll give it a try.  

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  • I like pretty much any genre other than romance. I'm currently reading The Rosie Project and then The Rosie Effect for another book club I'm in. I'm not far enough to know if they are good or not.

    I also just downloaded The Mapmaker's Children by Sarah Mccoy because it is only $2 for Kindle right now. I recently read The Baker's Daughter by the same author and enjoyed it so figured it was worth a shot.


    I love the other Dan Brown book's I've read so I'm up for Inferno.

    How long are we going to have to read the books? I'm just curious b/c I've got 2 to finish before my other book club on Aug 16th so like a month from today would probably be good so that I could finish the book we pick too. If that's too long for other people though I can sit out this time and join next one when I only have 1 book to read for my other book club.
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  • Hormones are real, so nothing too emotional.  My SIL advised not reading any Jodi Picoult while pregnant.  Too many tears.
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  • I have Inferno on my kindle right now too. But it's an overdue library loan so if I turn on my wifi it'll disappear hahaha 

    I love YA and dystopia and just put The Red Queen on my to-read list. 

    I love Jodi Picoult! But yeah, she's made me cry a few times and I'm not much of a cryer...
  • I am not into romance, but I will read almost anything. As long as it isn't *too* scary or *too* sci-fy-y/fantasical if that makes sense.

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  • MrsDramaK said:
    Hormones are real, so nothing too emotional.  My SIL advised not reading any Jodi Picoult while pregnant.  Too many tears.
    Seconded! I'd love to keep it fun. 

  • cantalopes24cantalopes24
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    I normally like Gillian Flynn type books and historical fiction. The last few books I read were Bull Mountain, The Lake House, and Those Girls and they were pretty good. The next book I'm planning on reading is Britt Marie was Here. It's a follow up book to one I read a few weeks ago I really enjoyed. 

  • I'm up for anything except romance. I'm just starting "all the light we cannot see by anthony doerr". I'm a few pages in and so far its really good. Inferno looks like a good read too.
  • @AliJorgensen29 All the Light was life changing. It's historical fiction and heavy (set in Nazi occupied France), but the kind of book that is just... Beautiful. 

    I'm up for whatever! 

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  • I am up for anything. There are good books in most genres and I am willing to try whatever most people want. I have no suggestions yet.
  • @Patience7150 had some good specific suggestions in Randoms. The Curtis Sittenfeld sounds fun. I've read Prep and enjoyed it. 

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    I'm also up for whatever! 

    I guess "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" or "Ina May's Guide to Childbirth" aren't good options?  :p  ;)

    ETA: it makes me sad how many of you ladies don't like sci-fi! Juliette Marillier is amazing!
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  • I've been relying on Anne from modernmrsdarcy.com for book picks lately.  She has a great podcast where she matches readers with 3 books based on 3 they loved, 1 they hated, and what they're currently reading.

    The One in a Million Boy by Monica Wood as come up several times as one that people wouldn't have read if someone else hadn't really encouraged them to, so I've been intrigued by it.

    Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave is also one I've been interested in- Anne describes it as the witty but no less devastating companion to All the Light We Cannot See (which was great!)

    Others on my To Be Read List:
    Before the Fall by Noah Hawley
    What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarity 
    Still Life by Louise Penny (book 1 of a series)

  • I'm here to be a passive participant.  I haven't read a good book in years, so whatever you ladies chose, I'm in!

  • @silvercamaro77 I really want to read The One in a Million Boy. Before the Fall was good.

  • cjs260cjs260
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    *lurking, lurking* 

    @marriedhamstermom I loved The Rosie Project. Very cute, and quick, easy read. 

    I've just recently started The Magicians Trilogy by Lev Grossman, and I'm really enjoying it. Once my school year starts back, I lose a lot of my reading time, but I'm going to try to keep up with this thread if you guys are okay with a Jan17 girl lurking around. 

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  • My favorite genres are historical fiction and non fiction, least favorite are sci-fi and romance. I assume I may not read every book this club does, but I read a ton across the board and am always looking for new suggestions

    Are people looking for books that will have lots of discussion points? Or just good books in general? It may be fun to have some lighthearted books sprinkled in the mix with some of the heavier ones. 
  • I would be down for Dan Brown books!
  • cjs260cjs260
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    @yogadevil I finished a historical fiction audiobook recently that I really enjoyed about the Harpers Ferry Rebellion of 1859 told from the perspective of a young slave called The Good Lord Bird by James McBride. I enjoyed listening to it, but would have liked it more without the voice actor's interpretation of accents. Also, if you haven' t read The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay, I definitely recommend it. One of the best books I've ever read. Both of these books will have a lot of discussion points. I don't read historical fiction often, but every time I do, I'm all "Damn, I like historical fiction!" 

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  • I love to read and usually get in a few books a week. I'll admit to liking the romances. Not really the harlequin, bodice-ripping, Fabio-covered ones, but the contemporary stuff. Looking forward to Colleen Hoover's new one out next week.

    That being said, I'll read just about anything. Not really a fan of sci-fi, but I'll give anything a shot so I'm in!!
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  • TarHeelBexTarHeelBex
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    *duplicate post*
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  • @cjs260 I loved The Power of One! It's a giant brick of a book, though, lol.

     I loved "All the Light" and second the vote for "The Brave..." since it's on my list anyway. But I also think something light and fun and trashy could be a good choice for hormonal preggos, and Liane Moriarty is always so much fun. So maybe that's my vote! Somebody in the Randoms thread mentioned the Pride & Prejudice re-do, Eligable, and that sounds fun too. I love me some P&P!

    All that said, I'll read whatever. Yay, book club!
  • WFFC: I've never read Pride and Prejudice. 

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  • I love historical fiction! @BumpasaurusRex you better get reading. That's probably my favorite book.
    I have no suggestions now as I'm rereading the Harry Potter series while waiting for the new one to come out. I'm down for pretty much all except for scifi/fantasy not really my style. 
  • WFFC: I've never read Pride and Prejudice. 
    I never read it either, but I read Eligible for my book club and really liked it, once I got past the first chapter or so. I couldn't compare & contrast to the original Pride & Prejuduce like others in my book club could, but it was a good read!
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  • Here's what I posted on the weekly randoms...:

    I went looking around and saw this book on NPR's list of recommendations for summer reads:

    "Eligible" by Curtis Sittenfeld

    Description: What if "Pride and Prejudice" were set in Cincinnati? Sittenfeld provides a modern twist on the Jane Austen classic in this summer beach read. In her version, Elizabeth writes for a women's magazine and is tangled up with a married man, while her sister Jane is near 40 and seriously considering having a baby with a sperm donor. Throw in a dose of reality television, and the romance begins.

    Others that interested me were:

    Modern Lovers By Emma Straub 
    Rich and Pretty By Rumaan Alam 
    It's Okay to Laugh (Crying Is Cool, Too) By Nora McInerny Purmort
    All The Missing Girls By Megan Miranda

  • @WinchesterGirl I love sci fi! I recently finished the Dune series. I am newly into it though so any suggestions would be appreciated.
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  • mjsommer said:
    I love historical fiction! @BumpasaurusRex you better get reading. That's probably my favorite book.
    I have no suggestions now as I'm rereading the Harry Potter series while waiting for the new one to come out. I'm down for pretty much all except for scifi/fantasy not really my style. 
    Harry Potter IS scifi/fantasy! lol 
  • Based on that description, I'd be down for Eligible.

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  • Just Googled All the Missing Girls... Looks really interesting.

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    Little Bro 2/6/17

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  • @MommaBean lol you are right! I'm crying over here I never realized it. Let me rephrase somehow...I'm not a huge fan of fight scenes and weird names like in Star Wars or Star Trek. I did read some of this one series possible called the winds of time or something it had wizards and other stuff but I couldn't get into it. Maybe Harry Potter is okay bc I grew up on it? Not sure lol but I'm dying!
    Eligible sounds good to me.
  • @TarHeelBex I love Colleen Hoover too!

    why is that stuck in a box?

    Anyway, I've never been into fantasy stuff but I've been reading Harry Potter to my 6 year old at night and we like it!
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  • @BumpasaurusRex you need to read Pride and Prejudice. It is fantastic. 

    I'm down for whatever, ladies. Love this idea!
  • @cjs260 The Power Of One has been on my wishlist forever! Thanks for the rec, I'm downloading it now :)
  • Eligible is on my list of to be read too!

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