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Sippy Cups - What does every one like?

We are trying to switch over from bottles to sippy cups, but the ones I got at my baby shower seem to leak. We were using the Nuby Click Tight or Click Locks (not sure what they were called anymore because I threw away the packaging). I really liked that they had the silicone sippy spout, so it was an easier transition from a bottle nipple.  But after a few uses they leak from the click lock area where the top attaches to the bottom.  What sippy cups have been working for everybody else?

Re: Sippy Cups - What does every one like?

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    My baby boy never took a bottle when little and one day my mom bought him a Vital Baby sippy cup. My son took it and he loves it! They have a first tumbler training cup and I love you can control the flow. It's only $4.99 and we found it in Giant and I just bought him another from Harris Teeters. Amazon also has them and they have for all stages!
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  • We're using the munchkin 360 miracle cup. It took her a little while to get used to it but I liked that it's similar to a regular cup. The only problem I have is we just switched to milk and took away bottles and she hates to drink milk from it at bedtime. She drinks it from a straw though. So now I'm going to get a cup with a straw too. Otherwise, she drinks from the cup through the day with no problem. Even milk. It's just bedtime. She was starting to refuse her bottle at bedtime too. Maybe she knows and doesn't want to go to bed.
  • I second the munchkin 360 and we also use the munchkin with the straw and LO loves it. I also have a couple of Tervis cups that were given to us but LO mostly prefers the munchkin. 
  • So far we've tried the Lifefactory sippy caps (since we use the bottles) and Green Sprouts glass sip n straw because we like to use glass & silicone. BUT my LO would rather just drink from a glass then these. UGH! Anyone find a better glass/silicone option???

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  • My son loves the 360 and nuby click something or other. He uses a lollacup but i hate them because they leak so easily, so I am searching for a new straw cup.
  • We like the 360 and also the Thermos Funtainers
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  • We started making the switch from bottle to trainer cup about 3 months ago and my son instantly took to the NUK trainer cups. They have handles so he can feed himself and a silicone spout so the transition from bottle to cup isn't too drastic. We did have to try about 10 different cups before we found a winner. Good luck!
  • For those looking for a straw cup, I HIGHLY recommend this one, LO loves to throw his bottles or cups when he is finished and this one does not leak at all when dropped, tossed or thrown and I love the weighted part, even if LO turns it upside down, he can still drink from it. Munchkin is an amazing company in my opinion, we had an incident with one of their cups and they went above and beyond to make up for it which makes me want to keep buying their products.

    Click Lock Weighted Flexi-Straw Cup - 7oz Green


  • We got one sippy cup from different brands. Gerber, nuby, playtex and munchkin. She doesn't seem to mind any of them but her favorite is the toss and go ones. I can't remever the brand, but it is pretty cheap and convenient and you can put them in the dishwasher so you do not have to throw it away 
  • LO likes the nuk trainer cup. He chews the spouts but you can just buy replacement ones. He liked the mam trainer cups but I couldn't find spouts so if have to buy all new cups which was annoying so the nuk ones are great for my LO. 
  • Thank you, ladies! I appreciate the tips and advice!
  • For sippy cups, when he uses them, I have found the Munchkin sippy with the weighted straw, like shown above, is wonderful!! I have about 5 of them, and i love how easy to clean they are, and that he can easily drink through the straw. We have had a few issues with straws and the suction being too hard for him to get the liquid through. I have a random assortment of sippies because I have 4 neices and nephews and my aunt gives me stuff from my little cousins, but I have found that Nuby also have good cups for non straws. I personally try to avoid ones without straws because he usually just drinks from a cup or out of a straw. I also love any of the MAM sippy cups, but especially the trainer ones!! Hope you find one you like!! :)

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