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July 22nd I woke up to some bright red bleeding and passing several moderate size clots. Saw one of the docs on my docs team who did and internal exam and said my cervix was closed. She also did an ultrasound and said I have a SCH that's sitting directly above my internal cervix and if my bleeding gets worse and I pass more clots I will most likely miscarry. I have had no bleeding since late Friday afternoon and spent the weekend on bedrest. I have only had a very small amount of old blood spotting. Should I consider this a good sign?  11weeks and freaking out!


  • I'm sorry I have no help to offer but a few threads down is another one about SCH and things along the same lines. If you read what others said on there it might help while you're waiting for responses to you directly?
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  • Thanks so much!
  • Sending you love.
  • I wish I could give you a good answer but unfortunately the medical views on SCH are very different from doctor to dcotor. My doctor & the ER doctor both told me that unfortunately there isn't as much medical information on what causes them or how to truly treat them as they'd like, so unfortunately its a lot of monitoring & waiting when you have an SCH. Take it easy and hopefully it will resolve or be manageable.  Sending love.

  • I don't have any personal experience to offer, just sending hugs and prayers your way!
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  • Thanks ladies.........ultrasound scheduled for this Thursday the waiting just sucks. 
  • Waiting isn't fun, but I'm thinking of you and keeping fingers crossed for the best.
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  • Waiting absolutely sucks. Be as strong as you are able though, and know that there are many people on your side who wish you nothing but the best.

  • Lurking from March... I just found out Monday that I have an SCH bleed. I've been bleeding for a week and half. My doctor prescribed progesterone and told me there is a 50/50 chance. I've read that most times the body absorbs the blood and women go on to have healthy pregnancies. Fingers crossed for both of us!

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    I know someone who had one that caused partial placenta detatchment but went on to have a healthy full term baby. So there are good outcomes too. I have one that is small but my doctor told me it's super common and to not loose sleep over it. It hasn't caused any bleeding or pain for me yet. 

    I also knew knew two other people who had them through their entire pregnancy and went on to have healthy babies and no issues during their pregnancy. 

    Im hoping your outcome is the same as theirs. It's crazy how doctors opinions vary so much. Keep us updated. 
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  • @timelesslove so glad to hear!!! Thank you for the update!  :#
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  • I bled a ton about 3 weeks ago, I was 8 weeks exactly. I thought for sure I had miscarried!  U/s showed a SCH next to the sac, but the opposite side of the placenta . I think it was about 3-4 cm. Today I went for my 11 week scan and the clot is shrinking, about 1/4 cm. I was at the fertility doctor and today saw my OB and neither was overly concerned. They said they needed to watch it and make sure it wasn't growing. I bled that day and haven't spotted since, but they said I could bleed it out, but it would be brown. I know it's nerve wrecking but just try to stay calm and make sure you stay on pelvic rest. Worked for me
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