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Introducing myself

Hey all, I have been following this board for a while, trying to work up the courage to introduce myself. I finally decided to today because I am realizing that I am needing some support from ladies who know what this is like. I am 25 years old and DH is 31. We have been NTNP for just under a year and began trying several months ago. I have been diagnosed with PCOS. I am on Metformin 1000 twice a day. I am taking provera to start cycles. 
Here's the long of it-
I was diagnosed with pcos when I was 18 by a dermatologist. Didn't do anything for it then. when I was 21 and saw an obgyn for the first time I expressed my concern over the diagnosis with her and she immediately ruled it out since I was average weight, clear skin, no other obvious signs of pcos aside from irregular periods. 

Fast Forward to December of last year. I went to the same obgyn because I had missed 3 periods but had BFNs. We were trying to get pregnant. that OBGYN told me to lose weight and then I would have a period. I lost weight. still no period. I decided I didn't want to see that OB any more because she just wrote it off to me being overweight and didn't do anything else to help or investigate. (I think she may have checked my thyroid.) 

I went to a midwife who I LOVED. She did my annual and really listened to me. She started me on Provera to start a cycle, re-diagnosed me with PCOS, sent me to my primary to start metformin. She told me that if I didn't start a period on my own after being on metformin for 2 months, and if I didn't ovulate (using opks), then to see an OBGYN for clomid or something like that to cause ovulation. 

My last provera induced cycle began May 26. (3 days after I took my last provera dose) I didn't bleed in June, haven't ovulated. I went to an OBGYN (I liked her, she listened and wants to help). She gave me another round of provera to start a cycle. My last pill of this round was last night. This morning I started spotting. She wants me to come in for tests on CD 21 to check for ovulation. 

Here is the weird thing I'm noticing...

My last cycles were like this....

April 13-22 took provera -April 26 started period
May 13-22 took provera -May 26 started period

No cycle June

July 15-24 took provera -July 25 started spotting (may turn in to full period.) 

rather than starting my cycle 3 days after finishing provera, I started my cycle immediately (and about the same time I would have started had I been regular and not taken provera)

Is it possible to have one ovary on the fritz and skip every other cycle? Is that a thing? 

I've never had any US or anything. is that something I should push for? for the dr to look at my ovaries/tubes and such? 

I'm so new to this. 

me: 26 dh: 32
married since October 2015-started trying immediately
dx: PCOS, anovulatory
rx: provera metformin
BFP August 2016- early mc- Enoch Matthis
1 clomid cycle (March 2017)
BFP March 2017  ~  EDD December 13, 2017
di/di TWINS!!!!!

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