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Swimming after transfer

We are in the midst of a heat wave and I want to jump in the pool. How long after transfer would you feel comfortable swimming in a chemically treated pool? I'm thinking about just waiting for beta but am known to be overly cautious.
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Re: Swimming after transfer

  • I'd feel comfortable 48 hours after the transfer. That is usually when most things can be resumed, so as long as the pool isn't heated to over 90 degrees, it should be perfectly safe. You could always call your doc and ask if you want a professionals opinion.
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    This is a great question! I woukd love to get in my jet tub, but I was told no full submersion in water. :(
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  • @ConstanceGoodspeed Yes, great question! I would think after 48 hours you should be fine... I don't think the water goes up that far. I am going to ask my RE when I go in on Friday. Let me know if you find out before then!
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  • Yes please let us know if you find out the answer. I will be staying at a hotel with a pool on Thursday night and I would love to go in it.
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  • Ok. My nurse recommends no swimming for a week post transfer. It is mostly to minimize regret. If the cycle fails, patients analyze everything and she doesn't want the patients to blame themselves thinking, "I bet if I hadn't gone swimming..." Obviously swimming is not birth control and does not prevent pregnancy.
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  • Hi! I read mostly ladies don’t swim during 2ww. I was gutted because I love swimming!! Normally go about 2 times a week. I checked with my Biotexcom clinic when I went for ET and they said not to go swimming in 2ww too.

    I think it more precautionary because in public swimming pools you are at more risk of catching an infection etc. Private pools are cramped with chemicals as well, so I don’t think this is a good idea really. I remember I had my BFP and was 5w+4days or so. I got my scan then and didn't dare risk it until after I saw a heartbeat (even though I would love to go). Our nurse did say it was ok after 2ww though I was just being paranoid… :p

  • Personally, I would do it. Just not hot tubs
  • I never would have thought about this, so interesting to see the different recommendations. I swim in the ocean almost every day, so we'll see what they have to say about that.
  • Our doctor said no swimming or baths until we see a heartbeat. That sounds a lot more cautious than most but I am one of those do what I am told. Hard to do when you live in Arizona and the temp is over 110 degrees! Lol.
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  • Wow! I would never have thought you couldn't. How is it going to hurt, the cervix is closed pretty tightly. I'm 6dp5dt and went in the pool yesterday and today. We have over 90 degree weather here. I guess I better message my nurse to ask. 
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