Pregnant after a Loss

9 wks 6 days and the [undesired YET] gifts have begun

I've told my friends and fam and posted on social media at 8 weeks, when my doctor told me the chance of another MC was 5%.

I've also told these people not to buy anything until we are out of the woods at 12 weeks. Which I'm 9 weeks 6 days now, would be in 2 weeks. 

I went to brunch with a friend today who surprised me with a bib. It's cute but I kind of don't want it yet. I don't want to be excited or celebratory yet. I can't. Not until we're at the 3 months mark.

I thanked my friend, of course, and said she shouldn't have bought anything yet. She said, "what kind of friend would I be if I listened to you?" and I just awkwardly laughed.

It's not that I'm ungrateful, it's super sweet that she's excited for me, especially because she knows about last year's MC. But I'm just not ready to celebrate yet. I told everyone so that I would have the support if another MC happened. But I guess that support is a double-edged sword. It goes both ways.

Re: 9 wks 6 days and the [undesired YET] gifts have begun

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