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In Laws Updates

How is everyone doing with the in laws now that the babies are a little bit older? My biggest complaint right now is that every time my parents see us, MIL texts me about getting "equal access" to DD. We're pretty close to equal already, but I swear she's keeping track of like every hour we see my family! Neither of our parents live near us, so that means we're CONSTANTLY hosting overnight visitors. I'm OVER IT! 

Re: In Laws Updates

  • Let's see..... FIL lives an hour away met DS once and ignored him. MIL lives two states away and still has not met him. My dad and step mom live across the country and have come once for 10 days and my mom and step dad live 10 feet away so they see him all the time. So all in all... It's going splendid. 

  • My parents live in the same city and see my LO every week. My in laws live in Texas and have met her once, but face time every few days. So far it's okay! My MIL totally believes in not giving parenting advice and just likes to talk to her and look at pictures.
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  • I could type a huge ass rant about what my In Laws did but I'll summarise 
    My SO and I just moved to a new flat, just a small first place together. My SO works 12 hour nightshift and is exhausted, I'm exhausted from looking after the baby. Anyway, we make enough money to get by and ensure our son has nice things but that's about it. 
    His parents and his brother send me and his this long ass message saying that first off my SO needs to financially support his parents before me. They don't see me as family, they talked crap about my family even though my family have been nothing but loving and supportive. 
    It's all about money to them, they live off the government and think they've had a hard life and think they can live off their son. They never bothered their ass to come visit us, if it wasn't for me they'd never see their grandson. 

    They were horrible to me and my SO
    I said to my SO that they're not getting a penny off of us and I'm not making contact with them until I receive a sincere apology, of they can't respect their sons partner and their grandsons mother then why should they be involved with our lives. Thankfully my SO agrees. He will cave and go see them but Zach and I will not. 

    (That turned into a rant and I'm sorry, it could've been much longer but I needed that off my chest) 
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  • My mother in law doesn't feel like she sees him enough, so rather than talking to my husband and I about it, she decided to throw us under the bus, and talk about how awful and ungrateful we are to some mutual family friends. She has continued to make snide comments, and acts not in the best interest of the baby when she does get to see him. She believes that she is going to guilt us into getting to see him more often, but all it has done is push both her son and I away from her. We are trying to take the high road and set a good example for our son, but it is really tough to be around them when we have to be. 
  • We live with my dad so he sees her everyday. Kinda drives me crazy sometimes. We were gonna make it a point to see DHs parents every other weekend but that hasn't really happened at all in like 3 months. We'd just rather have fun together then drive our for an hour where DH ends up usually fighting with his mom and we are fending off an untrained shit tsu. Also their house is hot and not baby friendly. Only thing that really comes out of it is I get take out from a restaurant I love near their house. 
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