Pregnant after 35


Hi there :) 
didnt see an Intro thread so I figured I would introduce myself. I'm a 37 year old mom of one boy who is almost 7. A few days ago I found out I'm pregnant with our second! We couldn't be more thrilled. My husband is a cancer survivor and there was uncertainty if he could have more children.  
I'm about 5 weeks along so still really early. We haven't told anyone and probably won't for a while. I've had a loss in the past so I'm very anxious but excited. 
Look forward to getting to know you and supporting you all in your journeys!! 

Me: 37
DH: 36
Married: 08-25-07
DS: 11-20-09

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Name change alert: Formerly Lisswastaken

Re: Hello!!

  • Hi Lisswastaken!  Congratulations that is so exciting.   I'm now almost 10 weeks and 41.  5 weeks feels like yesterday.   Sorry to hear about your previous loss but wishing you a happy and healthy 9 mos!
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