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First Birthday Parties

DS is having a pretty big mickey mouse themed shindig for his big day so far its looking like 40+ guests will be there. Is anyone else having a big party? Im starting to get nervous as its going to be alot of work! ( we arent catering since it was too much money so a backyard cookout it shall be!)

DS 8/13/15 
Blessed  <3o:)

Re: First Birthday Parties

  • We are doing a small get together with just family to avoid all that stress and save some money :)
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  • I am kind of anti-birthday party for my kids (ages 9, 5 and the baby) so I tend to forego parties when I can unless it's a milestone birthday, and we do something cool. Like go to Great Wolf Lodge for a couple days or have a friend spend the night and go do whatever they want around town. Or do tickets to a big sporting event. Then we just have the two sets of grandparents over for a small cake and ice cream deal. I just don't want the hassle of a party and all the toys that come with it. We don't have a large enough home for parties, so it can turn into quite an expense renting a place and throwing a party. 

    However, we do first birthday parties at my parents house. It will be smallish, under 30 people being just our immediate family, but with all the nieces and nephews it adds up. I am doing a floral shabby chic garden type theme since her nursery is decorated in vintage florals. 
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  • We're doing a kind of big one, about 30 guest's. Starting to get nervous as well!
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