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We had our 4 month apt yesterday. The pediatrician said we should start giving her tastes of peanut butter and egg to avoid developing allergies. (we have no family history of food allergies and she is exclusively breast fed) Has anyone else done this? Any advice for introducing these foods to a 4 month old? Any brands of peanut butter better than others?

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  • I've never heard of that. I'm curious to what others have to say about it though. 
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    this had just came up on the app for me yesterday. another thing to take note on, is that until around 6(ish) months old, baby has a tongue reflex that will actually push food out of their mouths. And as for the peanut butter thing, wtf? I would think baby would have quite a hard time eating it given its sticky consistency. Think of the consistency of baby food, and the texture of what your pedi is recommending. I'd be thinking about getting a second opinion!
  • I have been hearing more and more about this recently.  I'll talk to our pediatricial specifically about it at her 6 month checkup but I do have some friends with 7-8 month old babies who have been giving them peanutbutter, almond butter and other allergens.  I agree with the previous poster that 4 months is too young for sticky substances, I'd feel better waiting until at least 6 months.  When I had my first (and maybe 2nd) babies, we were cautioned against peanut butter as a choking hazard just because of its consistency.  Information is always changing!  I would definitely talk to your pedi first though.
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