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Diastasis recti

I'm almost 3 weeks pp c section.  I have a bellefit but even though I can get it on, I can't get it to close yet.  Guess I measured wrong or something.  Anyway, has anyone dealt with this and when were you able to start exercising to help it?  Waiting on lots of exercise until cleared by doc since I had c section but wondering if anything I an do in meantime besides walking.

Re: Diastasis recti

  • I know it's hard to see a completely different body when you look in the mirror and you want to do something about it now. But 3 weeks is still soon after a major abdominal surgery. Take it really easy on yourself. I like to try enjoy the 6 weeks of healing and not having to worry about getting back in shape (we worry about our bodies enough as women). Feed your body what it needs, drink lots of water, and rest. That's the best thing you can do right now. 
  • Agree with previous poster. Also my doctor told me to hold off on abdominal workouts until 3 months PP due to my c section.
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