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My lo will be one on 8/4 and he now has 7 teeth. We are having an issue with biting especially when he is trying to give kisses. Any advice on getting him to stop biting 

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  • Oh we are in the same boat, he will grab anything and bite, I think it is more of a teething this and we always say Ow! and that's not nice. I try not to make a big deal out of it so he doesn't think it's a good attention grabber.
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  • Oh yes definitely don't want it to be an attention grabber however his SIL is 5 and when he does it he just laughs 
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  • We are in the same boat too!!! I stop playing with him instantly and put him across the room from me. I don't really know how else to approach it! I'm trying to not make a big deal about it though.
  • I really hope he doesn't start that, but he is teething, so he may do it not realizing that it can hurt somebody else. I think the best option would probably be a firm "No, Don't Bite" until it registers, and trying not to make too much of a fuss.
    My DD never even tried biting until she was 3-years-old. Then one day she just walked up to me and bit me on the hip really hard, for no reason whatsoever. *Controversial parenting technique ahead* As she stood there staring at me, I asked her for her arm. She held it out. I bit her. She cried. I asked her if she liked how that felt. She said "No, mommy that hurt". I told her "It hurt me too" and showed here the mark where she bit me. She never bit me again. 
    But she was three, much older, and much more aware of right, wrong, and was able to verbally communicate.
    I wouldn't recommend biting your child, regardless of age, but I had a gut feeling that is what would work with her at that moment in time, and it did. 
    FWIW- She's not scarred for life and we have a wonderful, loving relationship.
  • My son was a terrible biter at day care.  I had to sign reports daily.  Not a lot you can do other than say, "No, don't bite," firmly.  He outgrew it :)

  • Ally, no judgment from me. I was brought up in a similar fashion and I turned out okay :smile:

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