Weekly Check-in 7/18 — The Bump
Pregnant after 35

Weekly Check-in 7/18

Happy Summer! Let's see who is left out there!

How far along are you? 

How are you feeling?

Any baby news (tests results/scans/upcoming appointments?)


GTKY: What was your favorite 80s or 90s tv show or movie and why?

Re: Weekly Check-in 7/18

  • Hi!

    I'm 7 weeks pregnant.
    Feeling bloated, tired and nauseous. And whiny, apparently.  :D
    My next appointment is the first week of August.
    Rant: My MIL. For so many reasons. Rave: My DH, who has really stepped up while I've been ill. 
    My favorite 80's movie...it's a tie between Goonies and Neverending Story. Nerd alert!
  • I'm 9 plus 2 and super psycho moody at night. That and bloated with insomnia.  All sorts of attractive.   

    I have an appontment for CVS testing next Thursday.  I'm really nervous as I've read some negative side affects but many are saying it's super rare so fingers crossed.  

    I just watched Neverending Story last weekend! I loved Goonies too but Pretty in Pink is def a favorite. 
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  • Good luck next week. Keep us (me? since you and I appear to be the only geriatric mothers here, ha) posted.

  • Hi there! I'm 38 STM 27+5 weeks prego.

    Currently sitting in lab after chugging glucose drink waiting for the blood draw at the end. We're expecting a boy in October and (besides some scary spotting from around week 8-13) all has been well!

    My favorite 80s movie is probably also either Neverending Story or Ghostbusters. 

    Speaking of the 80s, netflix series Stranger Things is AMAZING!! Highly recommended!!! 

    I wish you all the best as we journey our 35+ butts through pregnancy!! I'm with ya!!! 

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  • @nizzle. Thanks I'll def let you know how it goes hopefully I'm not the 1% that has a bad reaction to it. 

    @Ali so glad to hear about Stranger Things I need a new show!
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