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Anyone feel guilty about not working out more?

do I have a hubby that travels Monday through Thursday. I EBF and DD doesn't take a bottle. I basically am tied to her 24/7. I try and walk and I feel like I'm doing work by climbing up and down our stairs, holding her cleaning and the like. But I still feel guilty for not doing more. I do walk her once and a while, it's just so hot

Re: Anyone feel guilty about not working out more?

  • I don't feel guilty but I was never big on gym workouts. It's easier as they get older and are moving more. Since my oldest started walking well there's a lot of chasing him up and down the hall playing and crawling around on the floor so I know I get a lot that way. One day I was curious and wore a pedometer and had 5000 steps by the time I looked at it after three hours. That was a normal day.

    I just recently added in yoga for myself to help with back issues but most days it doesn't happen. Like you, I'm pretty much just too tired to do more.
  • I feel more sad, I wish I could work out, my LO is ebf and will not take a bottle, so it's hard to get an actual workout in. I guess I could when she first goes to sleep at night, but that's the hour I spend with my husband 
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