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What's For Dinner (Week of 7/18/16)

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I was super motivated and I'm all set with my plan for this week! Had to adjust a little because we found some great deals on seafood...

Tonight - Grilled steak with Lob Top (it's like a creamy, mushroomy topping with lobster chunks... there was a sale on lobser, this isn't the norm for us lol) with roasted veggies
Tuesday - Pork Milenese with chunky roasted vegetable red sauce
Wednesday - Baby class, so we're going out afterwards
Thursday - Sesame ginger chicken salad with edamame and kale
Friday - Savory vegetable and ricotta pie with balsamic chicken
Saturday - Thai coconut curry soup with shrimp
Sunday - We're going to a friend's house for dinner. His wife is vegetarian and doesn't eat GARLIC OR ONION (which is crazy to me). I find that vegetarians talk to DH and I like we "don't get it" because we are meat eaters, so I'm working on a kick ass vegetarian appetizer to show them I know what's up in the kitchen (I better... I paid an arm and leg for culinary school). I'm considering either a crispy tofu spring roll with peanut dipping sauce or a crostini with goat cheese (possibly even using a vegan one), arugula, grilled peaches and a balsamic reduction.  

ETA - These are all GD friendly with the exception of the crostini  :) 
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