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Hi All, 
My wife is at 13 weeks, had the NT Test done and results came back good, heard the HB which was amazing now approaching the 14 week appt on 7/22 and the nervousness is coming back as it does before every appt.  Wifey had some discomfort on Saturday and woke up nauseous as anything Sunday but after breakfast she felt great for the rest of the day. She hasent been sleeping well though and waking up to go to the bathroom many times at night (TMI) i know... my brain is constantly thinking the worst though.........
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Re: Still Nervous

  • First I'm so glad you are reaching out! I'm sure  your wife is nervous and is glad for your support through this pregnancy.

    The nerves don't go away. Sad but true. Even once you pass a milestone, like hearing that little heart beating, you are a parent! You're going to worry! Symptoms are good, but they come and go. Try not to jump to a worst case scenario (Hi kettle, I'm pot). Don't let fear rule this child's beginning. Hopefully with each good report you will allow yourself, and your wife, to rejoice, relax, and enjoy this pregnancy. We're rooting for you!

    **Creepy internet hugs**
  • Everything that @chrstna618 said! Plus also, please know that we are thinking of you and your wife. Losses are never easy and the feelings we experiences follow us through all future pregnancies. We are here to support each other as a community!
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  • Thank you  

    So wifey has been feeling little kicks here and there, but she hasent' felt anything for 2 days (since monday)  I see the worry in her face but i'm trying to keep her calm.  Having 2mc  its always in the back of our head and worry's the heck out of me.  I try to keep her calm but she's a worse worrier than me and the worst part is she keeps it to herself rather than talking about it... but I totally see it in her fact.  Another MC would be devastating since it was just her bday and we had such a great weekend.

    Don't know what to do, our next appt is Aug 24 then the Anatomy scan is August 30.  We are 18 weeks now.

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  • I replied on the weekly check in, but you could call the doctor and ask for s quick check with the Doppler to ease her mind.


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  • @waterfall213

    Thank you i'll ask her tonight if she wants to go early.
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