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So I have been feeling baby move for awhile now, but I keep running into trouble when she's having a "quiet" day - the second I'm feeling anxious I go and lay down and usually in a short period of time get some reassurance, but it seems now every day when I'm sitting at work if I basically don't feel constant movement I feel that bit of panic.

How is everyone else handling that feeling?  I don't want to become "that" patient who runs in to be checked all the time.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: PGAL Brain & Movement

  • How far along are you?  At my 18 week appt my doctor made it very clear that baby will have days when it is more and less active and it's nothing to worry about at this point.  You could always call your doctor and ask what amount of movement you should expect at this point.  I find that if I eat something (particularly sugar), the baby will get pretty active pretty quickly.
  • It depends on how far along you are. Most doctors will tell you no kick counting before 28 weeks since they have so much room in there and all babies, no matter gestational age, have slow days. When I was between 20 and 28, I would have days of low movement and a lot of times it was just her position. So the next time it would happen, I'd just try to relax and remember that it's normal at that stage. After 28, you really just need to feel baby 10 times in 2 hours. If you don't remember if you've felt her, you can have a cold drink, something sugary or poke around just a bit to get baby moving and start counting if you're worried. Remember, any movement counts, regardless of intensity.
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  • leighanne, I'm about as far along as you and STILL have days that I get PGAL nervous. (although I'm getting much better than I was early days).   I bought a Sonoline B.  Every time I get a whim, I can pop that doppler on and listen to that lovely thumping heartbeat.
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  • **TW-previous loss mentioned**

    I totally understand your fears. We lost our second daughter at 31 weeks for unknown reasons, so I'm crazy about feeling this baby move. Realistically I know she can sleep for hours, but it still makes me a little nervous when I haven't felt her as much as I think I should. I have a Doppler so I sometimes get it out just to do a quick check. 


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  • Thanks everyone, I keep debating about the doppler, I'm worried I'll be too reliant on it!  I do try and remind myself about sleep periods too, my doctor gave me the same 10 movements in 2 hours that @AlwaysAuntNeverMom mentioned.  I just wish that PGAL thought process would just shut off sometimes!  So nice to know that the anxiety about movement is pretty normal among us, I wasn't sure if I was worrying too much.
    DS born 06/20/2012
    DD born sleeping 12/17/2014
    Pregnant with EDD of 09/28/2016

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