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2 month old pooped after 10 days...SO MUCH

My 2 month old hadn't pooped for around 10 days. Finally today, he released everything. It is a bit worrisome as there was just SO MUCH that came out at one time. His whole diaper was full and flooded :neutral: It was a little darker yellow color, but when I wiped it off his skin it was bright. Maybe it was just that there was so much it looked darker? Has this happened to anybody else? I know EBF babies can go for a while without pooping, but is it normal to see....this much after??? A little worried and seeking some other parents' stories. We'll be going to the doctor on Wednesday anyways, but I was just curious.

Re: 2 month old pooped after 10 days...SO MUCH

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    The longest we did was 5 days, but she did a big one after that time had passed. Apparently going so long isn't a problem if EBF as there isn't much waste product from breast milk. I guess it makes sense that there would be a lot of poo after 10 days as it will have built up! 
  • My little guy (3 months) blasts out of his diapers on a regular basis. He once went 12 hours once and was bursting out all sides of a size 3 ( we use them at night). I can't even imagine 10 day poop!!!
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  • I don't BF anymore but when I was with DD she went 10 days without bowel movements and then unleashed it all like what you described. Totally normal from what I was told by the doc. I wouldn't worry. 
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  • Normal and I am not looking forward to it. Lol my lo is 6 weeks and his poop outputis slowing from every diaper to maybe 2-3 a day and only one of then is bigger than a smear.  Thank God I do cloth cause they don't blow out as much so I hope it stays contained.
  • I'm in the same boat as @korpatch my 2 m.o. went about 12 hours and it was an explosion - preceded by a lot of fussiness and gas
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