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Cradle cap

Is anyone else having issues with cradle cap? Charlotte even has it on her eyebrows. 

Re: Cradle cap

  • My little fella had it in his brows - I used coconut oil on it once a day after his bath for 3 days and it was all gone. 
  • Ugh yes.  It started on his forehead then went up and its all over his head. It's not super bad, just flakey.  I use coconut oil for it.
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  • My DS had it very bad and we bought the mustella shampoo and it went away quick! 
  • Thanks ladies, I have coconut oil so I'll give that another try. I may have given up too quickly.
  • I brush it with a soft baby hair brush after his bath and a lot of flakes come off.  I try to rub his head gently with the towel while it's still wet, which loosens everything a bit.  And then I put coconut oil on whatever is still there.  It's slowly getting better.
  • My son's head was pretty flakey, and then he lost a bunch of hair :( It seems to have gotten better on its own, but I was tempted to try the Mustella shampoo.
  • I ordered a brush on Amazon today, it's a brush and has a comb attached. It had great reviews and I'm just worried because it's quickly getting out of control. It seems to have gotten worse since last night.
  • My son has it pretty bad. The entire top of his scalp was covered in flakes. My DH soaked his head in coconut oil and combed them out. His scalp got a little pink in some spots so you have to be careful you don't over do it. We shampood afterwards and it is mostly better but I still see little bits of flakes in his hair. They will outgrow it.


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