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for fun...what's your baby's favorite toy?

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This is just for fun, name one of your little ones favorite objects that is anything BUT a toy. I'll go first.

my baby's favorite toy is.... water bottle tops and my hair brush for some reason lol.

Re: for fun...what's your baby's favorite toy?

  • I think it is a three way tie between water bottles (preferably empty), any box she can scoot around like a walker, or my sunglasses. 
  • An empty water bottle. For sure.

    While on an lengthy road trip to the beach, the water bottles kept my twins more entertained than any of their toys did.
  • Hmm, tough call. Water bottles are a big hit. Step stools and empty suitcases can consume an entire afternoon, though!
  • Lol the stairs or he is really likings stacking toy right now
  • Cords hands down. She seeks them out.  Coming in second are clothes baskets with or without clothes or items in them.  In 3rd, vents or fans because she likes her hair blown.  
  • A tie between her hair brush and the dresser drawer containing her pj's. 
  • Brushes, a vtech vacuum my mom got him. He's obsessed, and Tupperware 
  • My twins are obsessed with water bottles. They also love cords, baby gates, my iPad, phones, and garbage cans. One of the girls loves climbing stairs and stealing her brother's kid recliner. 

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  • Flashlight
  • Our cell phones and TV remotes for sure.  We don't really let her play with them (at least not for very long) and try to keep them out of reach or eye sight.  But when it's within reach she goes right for it and it's like she won the jack pot with her forbidden find.
  • beckyk9109beckyk9109 member
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    Ohhh I forgot about tv remotes. One time Adalynn purchased a $50 boxing fight and we had to call Comcast to cancel it. Since that fiasco the twins now have a remote without the batteries to play with since we never use our DVD player. NOT making that mistake again...
  • Hairbrushes, chords, taking my clothes out of drawers, spatulas, dustpan and broom. I have to Lysol the dustpan after I ise it because he likes to play with it
  • klirwin82klirwin82 member
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    100% the TV remotes. Prefers Roku remote over regular TV remote. Was not fooled by VTech baby remote I got him. Not at all. Also likes the Stocks app on my phone. If he ends up a hedge fund manager and can afford to put us in a fancy nursing home near the beach then I'll have done my job :wink:
  • Loves to play with a water bottle or any kind of cup I'm drinking from. A plastic straw cup of water from Starbucks is very pleasing to him, until he spits most of the water out onto his shirt, and even then he doesn't seem to mind being all wet. When he gets a hold of my phone, it's quite a treat. He also enjoys carrying around and chewing on his tube of toddler toothpaste. And how could I forget the nipple shield--he likes to keep it in his mouth and chew it like gum when he's done nursing.
  • kbbtahkbbtah member
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    The box fan!
  • mindaamindaa member
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    The dishwasher - we have to be really careful about keeping it open
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  • LO just discovered the buttons on the dishwasher. Half the time I open the dishwasher and the dishes are still dirty. I have started turning it on after we go to bed at night or when she's napping. 
  • Tv remote! 
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