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1st IUI Coming Up!

I'm just as excited as I am anxious.  First, I want it to obviously work so we can have a baby, but also financially because insurance coverage is poor. Years ago before we started trying, I had a Mirena placed and the pain sent me through the roof...then vasovagal fainted.  So, for the HSG I was very nervous and took a valium and advil beforehand.  Now, I'm getting nervous about pain with IUI.  Taking Clomid for 5 days and then a trigger shot right beforehand. Thoughts?

Re: 1st IUI Coming Up!

  • (lurker from TTTC) I had my first IUI a couple weeks ago. As far as pain goes, the HSG for me was so painful I couldn't go through with it. The Dr. tried three times, and finally I was like "Yo, take that out of me. It's not happening." The IUI was nothing. Literally, it felt like a Pap and lasted all of maybe thirty seconds. And the trigger wasn't bad either. The fear of taking the trigger was the worst; actually putting the needle in my skin felt like less than a bee sting. Best of luck to you!
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  • I agree! The IUI wasn't bad at all. About to have my second round on Sunday. Fingers crossed for both of us!
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