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Running with baby

At what age did you start running with baby in jogging stroller? And with or without a car seat attachment? 
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Re: Running with baby

  • They say 6 months when they start to sit independently or have good head control.  We were later because of delays in gross motor but I think around 9 months for us. 
  • I had started when my baby was 8 months old. I am a health conscious person. I used to walked around 4-5 KM per day.
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  • Our Chariot had an infant seat insert, so we started at 2 months, then moved him to the regular seat at about 6-7 months.
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  • My sisters baby started to sit when she was 8 months old.
  • I waited until 6 months. Until then I actually would walk 3miles with DD in the moby. 
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  • We started around 6 months (BOB stroller).  I did not use a car seat attachment.
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