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Road trip

We are about the drive 10 hours plus lots of stops to go see my family. My girl's first time meeting her Mamaw, uncles, and cousins. Any tips for keeping her calm that long in a car? And any food suggestions? I really don't want to be feeding her dried junk all day and it is a long drive for a cooler. 

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  • n3na94n3na94 member
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    How exciting! You will have to stop a couple of times for her to stretch her legs. I would recommend sitting next to her and talking to her, books, perhaps some interactive toys that speak or have lights. Also you can bring fruit, bring some milk in a cooler, lots of water for her to stay hydrated, chances are your baby girl might fall asleep a few times. You can also put songs where you all can sing along. Have fun mama and enjoy! It is truly exciting and I know it will be a very special time for you as a family and your baby girl! Keep us posted! God bless! :smile:
  • AKOL0AKOL0 member
    We are leaving tomorrow morning around 5am so girly can sleep a few hours as we drive. One of us plans on sitting back with her at all times. Lots of books and toys. I still don't know what food we'll bring. We don't want to do a cooler because by lunch it'll be warm most likely. 
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    Have you done a long drive before  with her? Like something even a couple hrs long?  I would recommend and be prepared for car sickness!   My first born son was always fine until a little over a year old and all of a sudden started getting car sick on any drive over an hour long.  Bring a car sick bucket and maybe gravol just to be on the safe side cause you never know
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    My husband and I have taken this trip a few times before. It's a lot of boring nothingness. LO has only gone for hour drives, nothing more. I'm hoping we can entertain her enough that it doesn't stress her out. 
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    I'm thinking bananas, peaches, peeled and halved grapes, home made pancakes, homemade oatmeal bars... Things that you can pre make but that doesn't need to be cold. If it's too late, pick up some jarred purees...earth's best Organics are awesome. 

    We did an 8 hour drive when LO was 8 months old. Luckily, he slept like a champ. I sat in the back with him the entire time. We did have one hiccup towards the end of the trip... He started crying incessantly and actually threw up ALL OVER HIM & HIS CARSEAT (just had a bottle).  He just wanted out! So, have a blanket handy just in case! Good luck!

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