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No sleep!

So DD is 16 weeks. She's been in her crib since 5 weeks and sleeping through the night since 9 weeks. Then around 13 or 14 weeks she wakes constantly. Not to eat or anything she just wakes up. Some nights she'll still sleep through but it's sporadic. She has eczema and started teething around 14 weeks ( I teeth have cut through yet) so I'm not sure if that bothers her sometimes and disturbs her sleep. All I know is I've tried everything and nothing seems to work. I've heard of sleep regression in babies around during 6 or 7 months so maybe that could be happening. Has anyone else experienced something similar or have any tips for me? I'm losing my mind.

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  • Babies are constantly changing so one week they may be sleeping through and next week they are on a different schedule. My 13 weeks old used to sleep 5-6 hrs at night and all of a sudden waking every 2-3 hrs. Similar things happened to my currently 2 yr old but she went back to a more bearable schedule after a few weeks. Hang in there and it will get better!
  • I think the sleep regression stage hits at 4months. It sounds like that's what's going on. No advice since I'm battling this same stage. If your baby isn't rolling over yet, you can try swaddling again just to give them some comfort. Other than that I have no advice but hang in there momma!

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  • It's going on here too! We've resorted back to the swaddle because DD still has absolutely no interest in rolling so whatever. I'll battle that one later on. 
  • We've hit this also. DD is very cranky in general so the whole no sleep thing is driving me mad! I keep very strictly to our nightly routine that we started around 2 months. Unfortunately this still doesn't help much and since Hubs doesn't normally get off work until after midnight and sometimes 3am, in order to keep myself sane I end up holding her until She falls asleep. Not something I want Her to get used to but momma's gotta get some sleep so we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Good luck op. It will get better. It has to!
  • Sounds like the 4 month sleep regression. We are going through it early here too I think (16 weeks old). He is  Waking up a lot at night and having trouble going back to sleep and it's nearly impossible for me to get him to nap more than 30 minutes, unless I nurse and hold him. I'm exhausted and have tried everything. It doesn't help that my little guy also seems to have started teething also. I don't remember my first going through the sleep issues this bad. 
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  • I'm glad to hear others going thru this too. My son is 16 weeks and was sleeping from 930-5 it was great and then this week he started waking up at 230 then 430 and then 515. I'm so exhausted. I don't remember this with my first one but that could because I was able to nap more with him since there was only one. Just exhausted now 
  • Lurking from Feb 16... My guy hit a similar bump at 16 weeks and then again around 20 weeks where he woke every 45mins to 1.5 hours. Short lived, but exhausting. The saving grace for us was co-sleeping. I could side lay to nurse and we'd just drift back off. It may not be for everyone, but boy did it save my sanity. 21 weeks now and we're back to waking once (maybe twice) per night which is normal for him and fine by me. 
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  • I'm glad I'm not alone. Thanks ladies for replying! I hope we'll be through it soon.
  • You're not the only one! My little one refuses to nap other than the car. I can get a few 10 minute naps here and there. I have just driven around to get my little one to sleep. When she's not napping well, she just screams and cries,and it's not fun for anyone!!
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