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Hi! I'm a returning visitor here. I'm currently pregnant for a third time after two prior losses. (4w 1d) We don't have explanations for the prior two. I had an insufficient tissue sample for genetic testing last time, and recurrent loss panel was negative. We are assuming the losses were due to chromosomal causes. 

Obviously I'm really anxious. Unfortunately, my OB office won't schedule me an appointment before 7 weeks because they don't have openings, even with my history. I requested early labs and they refused to give me an earlier appointment. Unfortunately this is the only OB practice in town that takes my insurance. 

Luckily, my PCP is seeing me Wednesday. He is a friend of the family and will probably do anything I ask for. I was thinking for asking for a set of betas, progesterone, and TSH. I've never had progesterone levels checked ever. My last TSH was normal, but that was after my loss. I've never had it checked during pregnancy. I'm hoping for an US at my first OB appointment at 7w2d. I've had two appointments on that very day before and have never gotten good news, so I'm so nervous. 

My question is: for the ladies here with repeated losses, what kind of early labs did you get? Can anyone share what their doc was aiming for with progesterone levels? Is there anything else I should ask for? I work in health care, but definitely not OB, and obviously my OB is useless, so I need some guidance. I have looked stuff up, but I'm looking to see what the trend is with other providers as far as early testing. 

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  • I'm sorry for your losses but congrats on this new bundle!

    Yeah, sounds like your OB is useless unfortunately. Most traditional OBs tell you that it takes time and early labs don't tell you anything (tell that to PGAL brain!)...I just had a 6wk and they did hcg and progesterone (hcg you'd have to check what it should be in a given week online, I was told progesterone over 10 was the goal at 6wks). TSH probably won't tell you much and they will order it at your mega blood work for your OB around 8wks.

    Some OBs seem weird about US being between 8 and 10wks so hopefully yours won't put up a fight at 7wks. I'm personally waiting a bit for mine because earlier you may not be able to hear the heart and that's what I'm after
  • Sorry your OB is being difficult. I had my hcg and progesterone checked. My progesterone was at 19 and they were happy with that. 
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  • Thank you @ceclarlinetlo and @chrstna618. Your responses were so helpful. 

    Would you believe they have never checked my TSH during pregnancy? It's not a routine test of theirs. Regardless, I'm taking a more proactive approach this pregnancy whether the OB likes it or not. 
  • Same for me (also two previous losses), HCG and progesterone. I had 2 draws at 4 weeks (checking for doubling) and then 2 draws again a week or so later. Then I had an u/s at 6 weeks (just to make sure pg is in the uterus), then every other week 8, 9.5 and then NT scan at 11. My doc understoof my anxiety and has been wonderful at adding any additional reassurance, specially early on. The first weeks are tough, FX for a sticky!!!
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